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Looking for reference - Gray Houseman Highway Pathfinder Construction Vehicle

Thank you both! These are more than enough to get me started. Chris, I have two of the Tiger Joe tank kits for the wheels, tracks, and fenders. The rest of the model looks like greeblies on flat sheets.

Off to the copy shop...

Cheers, Robert.
No, see post No.2 above and this previous thread:

You better start scratchbuilding or prepare your credit cards for a large shock. :yes:

I see what you're saying now. This will be a down and dirty build, meaning close enough is good enough for me. The last Vickers went for $2000 on ebay last week. Greeblies will be from other kits. I think the most important part will be getting the shape right. Since this isn't a holy grail kit, I'm not going to sweat the details.

I wonder if the large Marx Bulldozer will be better to stick to the sides?
Due to the large size, I've decided to make this into a tool box. I've always wanted to build a large model with a practical use. The Sandcrawler kitty liter box will have to wait.

On the PCV, the front looks like it opens to let the Explosives truck in. I'm not sure whether to do this, or have it open from the top. If it does open from the front, I'll have to make a slide out tray to access the tools.


I've got a couple of those Japanese 'It's Thunderbird Century' model books and in there someone has scratchbuilt the Crablogger - it's spot on!

I'll try and dig it out and scan some pics.