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Looking for Roberto


Forum Supporter
Hi All,

Does anyone here have any contact info for Roberto Baldassari? I've tried to get a hold of him through his website but no luck yet. I wanted to purchase a set of the Ultimate Eagle Blueprints in .pdf format for a project I am working on but the Paypal link for the purchase is not working. I am also looking for hi-res copies of these panels:

I am currently assembling everything for a 44" cutaway build and would like these to print onto decal paper for the wall in the passenger module and the blueprints for blowing up and printing out for reference. I have the original printed/bought ones but they are framed.

Can anyone help?


Mr h

I emailed him through his website only a week ago, and got a reply in 48 hours. Might be worth just giving him a day or two :)