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Luna Mod and space cap


Hi guys

What scale is the kit parts of the luna module on the front upper walkway on a 44 Eagle , only i saw two kits at diff scales today and even though i am building Eagle 1, the thought passed me one day i might build i think its Eagle 2 with these parts

the scale of the kits were 1 /48 and 1/96

Eagle one is moving on ,at present i am glueing the panels on the leg pods and it really looking good now,a little bit of detail brings the thing to life,
undercarrige next ,back to the brass again




your missing the point, the drawings i have are the criss trice drawings fantastic , but comparing these to the original eagle one the detail is nothing like that of the drawings , so having copied everything i could make out of the david sissons Model ,i thought i might make the version with the saturn kit parts on criss drawings ,one day there are 2 halfs of a capsule shown on Criss drawings , the two kits i saw were of just the lander , and one with the
luna mod , they look like the saturn parts but what scale is the parts of the kit for the 2 halfs ? i dont want to get the wrong kit




Just to clarify something, The detail of my AB-44 Kit is nothing like any known Eagle !!, so when I saw the Chris / Daniel Drawings it made no sense to me either.
However..if you look at the info David Sissons gives on Eagle1 it is noted that that the Walkway / Shelf parts were changed (see below), what you see in the drawing is the starting detail of Eagle1, not as it is today..but still it was filmed.
Go with the Drawing and you will build Eagle1 with it's first details.

Hope that helps..Ian "eagle44"

"Inside the near 30 year remains of moondust from John Koenigs many crash landings. The central core is 3mm Perspex with one half having an internal lip so the two halves slot together. In order to get the walkways out I had to carefully remove the plastic kit dressing from the top and bottom panels. This detail was changed between the two seasons of Space: 1999 when the model was given a complete overhaul".




That makes more sense.

I have already built all my detail as is Eagle one today, but this afternoon
i had a hour spare so i watched the dvd with eagle 1 and 2 , now as i have really been copying what i can see on Eagle 1 , i thought i would have a closer look at eagle 2 my god , nearly everything is diff , are there any plans of this version knocking around? i could copy this what i can see on the dvd but would prefer some notes etc on what parts were used , as i have a set of parts already moulded of the leg pods , and beak ,i was maybe thinking of starting late summer.

I have a few models on the go at present i was going to build all the frame work in between my Joe 90 car thats the next project to finsh, it about 20 inches long all the pattens are finshed just some clean up work left,

there were some good ref photos of eagle 3 on the forum a few weeks back
i intend to make a few Eagles up and offer a build of the spine and brass work if any one is intrested.

tonight i worked more on the panel work on the leg pods of my eagle one nearly finshed , just the pattern that is on the sides of the pods left , in the middle is a block
with 4 jets around the outside, these panels look like they are thinner than the ones on the top and front of the pods , what do you think?

thanks for all your help