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Lunar Carrier landing gear. How does it work?


One of my favorite UFO vehicles is the Lunar Carrier. I was always fascinated by its landing gear. It looked so complicated and how did it all fit in the wing? Well, after staring at screenshots and almost every available photo of the vehicle taking off and landing, this is what I came up with (besides eyestrain). Additional inspiration came from the close up of the landing gear for Seagull X-Ray and that NASA transport seen in JOURNEY TO THE FAR SIDE OF THE SUN. The final result was added to my update to Jonathan E’s Lunar Carrier/Module schematic.

Attached is a theory on how the landing gear retracted into the wings (it would be a very tight fit).


  • Seagull XRay.jpg
    Seagull XRay.jpg
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  • NASA Transport.jpg
    NASA Transport.jpg
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  • Lunar Carrier 1.jpg
    Lunar Carrier 1.jpg
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  • Lunar Carrier2.jpg
    Lunar Carrier2.jpg
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  • gerry_andersons_UFO_lunar_module_landing gear.png
    gerry_andersons_UFO_lunar_module_landing gear.png
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  • Lunar carrier gear.jpg
    Lunar carrier gear.jpg
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