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Lunar module cutaway?


Are there any cutaway drawings of the Lunar Module?

I'm trying to reconcile the layout of the cockpit, it seems the control panels as shown in Conflict would have obscured any forward view??

PS I'm building a library of internal screen grabs if they are of use to anybody.
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To answer your question, I know of only one cutaway drawing of the Lunar Module that exists. It is in an old (1981) Japanese book on the series, and it doesn’t seem to be very accurate. Attached is a photo of it. On the layout of the Lunar Module’s cockpit, well, chalk it up to science fiction. Just as trying to explain the difference between the full size Eagle cockpit set to the filming miniature. Regardless that the two do not match, I always felt that the astronauts sat and looked directly through the vision ports in the command module.


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