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Mac's Car


Phil's drawings were done from the original studio photos, If you have an Airfix Angel, hold it up to the top view on screen & you will see how close it is in shape.
I believe Airfix were given the smaller studio model to copy.


Chief Eagle Pilot
i see the moderators have seen fit to remove my little distraction...

thort u might like 2 c this shot of mac's car

here's a close up



More updates of Peters mobile and jet car

More updates

more updates

Peter that's a good idea for infilling the vent area


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Chief Eagle Pilot
As Rob C and Big Rab know I love your SIG blueprints deraenged. Any chance of the angel and spectrum helicopter?. The format they were published in was ideal. I especially loved the Eagle and Doppleganger ship you did in mirror form.

thanks for that. there's really no chance of me ever finishing the angel or heli. when i started doing these back in the early 80s, the purpose was PRIMARILLY to provide replica makers to have another resource to help them build more accurate models and thru the platform of my mate david nightingales magazines, i could justify finishing them to a higher standard of presentation. many of the early ones were done with relatively poor photo reference, but the basics are there. for SOME OF the later ones i was able to access itc's original profile photos, my penning improved and the results are more pleasing. now that i consider them again, i just wish i had drawn them on was really quite difficult getting the details right at A3.
i probably would have gone on to finish the 2 remaining ones shown here but after the herculean effort of doing the terrahawks set, which flopped commercially, i was burnt out. in any event, the 2 here are essentially complete as they are.


Hi guys

Cheers Rob , for putting up the photos .

Oky Shado mobile is now in its final colour , i took a trip to the best car parts shop in town it been there for years , this women who runs this shop has kept all the old colour charts going right back to the 70,s of course a lot of them paint spray cans are know longer produced , so what i do is take ref in this case the cascade blue and she matches the original booklet colour with the uptodate charts ,there we go found it perfect match , one tin please .

i did spray the model silver first then the final colour over the top , look s great .

panels to be scibed in next , then decals dirtying and rc fitted ,

update photos soon



Chief Eagle Pilot
:think: Just a thort but If you bundled SIG blueprints all together plus the "previously unreleased" Angel and Helicopter as a signed numbered limited edition I would be stupid enough to buy a set. Would be simple enough to do and might prove a nice little boost to the deranged pension fund :brows:

that's not a bad idea...i still have my actual drawings...but still couldn't finish the other 2
hey...i could sell some signed photos too


36" Thunderbird 2

Hi Pete, I think I've just bought one of your original 10 Thunderbird 2 kits.
Do you know what the main differences were to the one Comet ripped your design off etc.

This one has instructions, Black/White photo box artwork, fibreglass and resin, Hull in two sections, Side Boom Intakes are separate resin pieces which slot in.

Anything else I need to look for?



Hi Matt

First impressions sounds like one of mine .

The Front wings were fast cast resin , also the rear upright fins , the tail section had a front and a rear piece that was also in fast cast , the top and bottom pieces that make up the rear box were plastic card , the decals supplied were viynal
in yellow stripes , the black decal being the most noticeable as it had cut out along one edge of a castle look out points , if that makes sense ?

The pod rollers were moulded in to the bottom of the pod , also the side underside housing units that the legs retract from were a sausage in shape ,
the main windows were sunk into the body as well as the side windows, if you could post some photos i could confirm that it is one of the ten kits ,

in all 12 were cast , but since then a few more have been moulded ,

10 that were sold to comet , 2 that i built that had seperate pods , and 4 more that i built and painted .

the rip offs i dont know how many were cast or sold , as i said i only found out when a mate of mine had seen comet at a sci fi model show with one on display many moons ago now .

update on Shado mobile ,
All paint work is now finshed and weathering
very pleased with this the colour looks great , i have also added the decals
and started to add the working front and rear lights , of course the rc gear has yet to be fixed inside .

a couple of figures i purchased today ,that i have to alter will be glued inside later on

photos soon




Hi pete, I'll get some pics online when it arrives. The guy said he bought it from a sci fi model shop in sutton, and said it was one that was offered to him due to comet not going through with the original 10 or something along those lines. He said the guy who was building them was building 10 for comet and 3 for him and the two guys who was working on the production with him, so not sure if that rings any bells. It has original instructions and I've seen your old pics of yours and the split hulls look the same.

I was in comet way back and seen one on the counter hence why it took my interest, I asked Tony James how much the kits were and said they were in production and unsure of a price. I'm really hoping it's one of the original batch, will get you to verify it.

Hi guys! Talking of Mac's car. do any of you know if the original one is still around? I saw the original in Selfridges store around 1968.
It was on a shelf with the wheels and wings retracted. Awesome!


Hi Matt


Also be on the look out for my Stingray pattern, i only have built one kit to date for my self and sold 3 kits , but a rip off hull is out there somewhere , you cant stop them , but i sold a rate master clear a few months back and the buyer confirmed the kit he had was one of mine , and he didn't purchase it from me .
makes you wonder how many more of my patterns have been remoulded
It s a shame ,


3 ft long

main body in one piece , side fins moulded into body , cabin seperate top fins moulded into cabin , rate master housing moulded into main body , rear side fins seperate,water jet ex, piece of tube , that has to be inserted into a open hole once the area has been removed .

this is not the 3 ft stingray that has the large bulbersom front end and short canopy that was around before i built mine.
who supplies the other Stingrays ?



HI Pete, will keep my eyes peeled for one. Apparantly the TB2 will be with me tomorrow so will get some proper pics online and see what you think. This is what pics I've been sent so far.

You can see from the instructions the Side Boom Intakes are a separate piece as you mentioned before. Let me know your first thoughts on it.



Hi Matt
Thats one of the ten 100%
now that brings back memories , that kit is some 20 yrs old
good on yeah

if you are going to build it , trim the two halfs first exopy the join and using brown pacel tape start at the rear taping the joins the nose you will need a lot of tape to hold the two half together , once this has all dried , open up the air intakes and fit the vent grills , plenty of milliput or car filler , then if you can open a hole in the bottom and lay a seal of resin around the inside joint , with matting from a glass fibre shop , when you clean up the out side joint line , the car filler then wont fall though to the inside ,

the only trouble area is the rear box units only attach one upright fin , leave the other so it moves on a screw that drilled into the upright fin , place the unit on the main body , and with a sprit level find the level , make shore the table is level as well .

pin and glue the whole unit , more hands here the easier the job , you might have to remove ,material from the bottom of the upright to get a good fit or fill any gaps with p38 car filler l the is a doddle



Petes pics update

more pics from Pete regarding tb 2


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