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Mac's Car


Wooohooo! My money hasn't been wasted then!

Bet those pics were a blast from the past etc.

Yes I intend to build it, I can't stand all these collectors who want to keep kits unbuilt etc. It should be with me tomorrow and will get a load more photo's of the original kit if you want some send me your email address etc. Will do a photo guide of the build etc, instructions scanned etc so if you need anything if you haven't got copies give me shout. As you can see it's supposed to be pretty much intact with everything present.

I haven't decided wether to mod it with a drop pod etc.. so any help on that thought would be appreciated.



Hi Matt

Cheers rob that was quick putting up them photos .

Matt if you decide to have a drop out pod , i have two casting of pods that i started to build up but as you know i have been busy with my own build up .

to alter the kit , first thing is still to join to halfs .

then cut out top and bottom to he pod lines, the end walls are easy just plastic card , 4 mil should be fine , take sopme templates in cardboard that transpere to the plastic card , glue these in , of course you can go to town , interia opening hatches , igf you do this glue the ends in last .

side boom area , use expanding foarm, then trim back , to just under finsh size , smooth car filler over the top and sand back , you will need the pod here to make shore the two dont stick , you have to allow for paint thickness , the rim that runs around the top of the pod to stop it from falling though , is just mlliput , wedge the pod so that it is level on top , and then runs some tape around over the pod , to stop milli put fixing to the pod , once dry , use a half round tube , with wet and dry paper sand until it all blends in , forgot , before all this the main legs , have to be fitted as well , my legs just screw in , there are nuts inbeded in resin in the housing ,

as i said i built to converstions i still own mine the other was sold on to another buyer , who many years later i built another only a few months back this had no sep pod , but i did , build the grab s and misslie hatch ,

good luck Pete


More pics of Petes finished mobile ,minus the r/c gear which is still to add

and some more pics from Pete.


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Cheers Rob

Well thats another model of the list, RC fitted soon the lights front and rear are fitted , but not contected , you can just see the wires hanging under the front chin .

I have moulds for the Shado mobile and can get the tracks moulded if there is enough intrest ?

Macs car next , tyres are being moulded soon the mech's of the front wheels retracting up into the underside housing ready to start work on , all built from Brass hope to have a motor that pull the shaft s up .

so while i,m waiting for the parts to be compleated i'll start building the engine sections, these have been cast and moulded and are really like a airfix kit now just trim and sand the parts to fit , the big turbine s will spin i,m going to fit a little motor behind each turbine .

will keep you posted as the build progress .



Hi Guys

Its been a while since i last updated on Macs car , well here's whats been going on .

The rubber tyres are finshed i have only had two set cast as they are expensive , i have started the engine section , that has been cleaned up and a box section fabricated into a cut out that will hold a 9 volt battery this will powerer two small motors turning the fan blades should look realalistic when finshed , 3 of vac formed inserts cones get glued inside the cut out opening that i made to get inside this section .

Finally decided on how to make the front telescopic legs fold away and this is where im up to, bascily a series of tubes that will have male and female rims inside and outside the tubes to stop them falling though one another, this will be powerd by a servo contected up with ? this is classified info cant give everything away

once the telescopic legs are fixed inside the hull the next step will be the main wings , again a servo will power these to open and close , the rear drive legs the same , however to drive the vech ,motors will be inserted into the rear drums and a new shaft made that the wheel fits two , wires will run though the rear wheel legs supports into the hull , steering ? i expect
the telescopic legs will be on a swivel joint meaning the whole unit will turn , its a long way off , but it pays to plane a head,

other news Shado mobile is fitted with radio gear and motors , ill get some clips on you tube soon

Photos soon


Hi Guys

Its been a while , since i updated but here is what i have been up to .

Finshed the Logan fighter , very pleased with its look .

finshed the engine section on macs car , working turbine s that look great ,
the telescopic legs for the front wheel shafts , should be ready soon ,and i have the tyres

Shado mobile now fully r/c tryed to film the model , but have you ever tryed to hold the remote unit and film a vech moving at the same time , i need to get a extra pair of hands , ill have a clip on youtube soon .

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*Edit* This is Pete's first go at attaching photo's to his posts, it's a lot easier than you might think. I personally am looking forward to seeing what he is describing - carry on :thumbup:

Hi guys

here are some photos of the Logan fighter


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Macs car , Engine turbines

Hi Guys

Here are some Photos of the Mac's car Turbine engine's along with the Rubber tyres

Cheers Bernie helping out with loading up photos cracked it now


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Captain Sci-Fi

My pleasure mate, I can't wait to see this all together. :D

Now you can post your own pictures they'll be no stopping you.... :thumbup:


Hi Guys

Its been a while since i last updated , on Macs car , so here is latest news.

The front leg shafts are nearly ready , i popped in to how the shafts are progressing this morning , its taken a while as Steve is working on the parts when his own work is quiet. Both shafts act like telescophic legs collapsing right down into the largest segment that is in the main body .

A main plate holds the shafts at the angle , of which the wheels raise into the body , both shafts are also able to pivot a little this is allow the wheel not to fowl on the wheel arch as the wheel retracts into the wheel bay. A spider gets contected to these shafts at the last segment of shaft that attaches to the wheel, a servo inside the main body that the other end of the spider attaches will turn and pull the legs shafts up and lower them. The Main plate gets bolted into postion with a couple of half moon bolts holding everything tight .

Steering the wheels will be a rod of somekind attached to one of the wheels and a servo inside controlling left and right movement, the link arm that connects both right and left wheel (we are looking into this as Steve reckons he can get this to claps as well) with out the need to remove for the wheels to retract into the bay.

Thats about it, once this is all sorted out , the wheels get turned in alloy and then its the rear wheels, mechs already know how I'm doing this to allow drive forward and reverse, the main wings will be last as this is a simple swing wing movement then I can start building the interior etc.

Photos soon


Hi Guys
Its been a while since i updated so here what been going on

The front telescophic leg assemble is just about finshed , this morning I purchased a servo that will raise and lower the telescophic legs, once all this has been tested on the bench the assembled unit will be fixed inside macs car with a few round headed nuts and bolts. The Main wheels will then be turned in alloy and figures crossed the servo will raise both wheels and tyres into the underside bow .

Already planning rear wheels how to rotate from road to flying mode, this should be a lot easier , the servo controller can operate 3 servos so this should be very handy, of course the main flight wings will be last, before if possible getting drive to the rear wheels (and steering) shouldn't be much longer for photos



Hi Guys

Front telescopic Legs are just about finshed for Macs car , testing with R/c will take place this week. I popped into the work shop today and the servo was working but not contected to the legs to pull them up.

I have started work on the static version of Macs car, at the start of this week I assembled the jet engine section photos are all ready up for the engine section, the only differance to this build is there are no battery spinning fan and jet domes.

I also cut out the window area's once the other area's are cut out , I can start building two interior's for both models. The static version will be up for sale nearer the time of both models being finshed the highest offer will purchase Macs car. The front legs will have steering and all 4 wheels will rotate. I might make the wings swing out.



Hi Guys
I'm in the middle of building both interiors for Macs car.

I have one ref photo, of the interia layout as seen in one of the episodes, basicly there are 3 seats the middle seat is set back a little in a set back wall panel. Does anyone know of any photos of the dash board and console area's ?

I have built 6 seats 3 for one vehicle and the other 3 for the second build Macs car, one Build has its cockpit floor panel and rear end wall panels fixed in place and now I need more reference. I have the Joe 90 box set dvds, but if anyone knows of any photos that i need to save me having to Watch every episode please let me know .



Hi Guys

Here an update on Macs car , both version's are moving on very well , the fully working model , testing took place last week , of retracting the wheels.

just a few little minor bits to work on , but all looks to be going in the right direction .

The static version , the front wheel assemble has been built , out of brass tube , and the steering arm's joints have been fixed to the drive shafts , the whole unit is ready to be bolted into place , ready for the wheels .

I also built a dash board for the interia , this will be moulded and a resin copy made for the working version as well .

i built the rear leg assemble, units that the wheels locate on to , on this version i expect a fibre glass mould taken and reproduced in glass fibre hollow ,

a metal shaft will then be fixed in to this unit so the wheel then can locate onto

or cast the whole thing with wheel shaft attached in Alloy ?

the static version of Macs car will be sold onceit is all built and painted

photos soon



Hi Guys

Taken some photos today , here are the photos of the Static Macs car.

Ill take some photos of the fully working Macs car front assembly next time i,m at the workshop

the main wings are temp fixed, but do swing out, moulds need to be taken of the wing s, also the Dash board , and the rear wheel supports , these also get moulded , but the working version , will need machined parts

enjoy the photos



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Hi Everyone

Happy new year to you all .

Well now the kids are back to school time to crack on with update and build on Macs car .

The fully working version , great news the front telescopic legs are now working on the r/c wow when those legs retracted they worked fine , moving on to next stage steering , this will have to have a link are that will feed up into the underside drivin by another servo , should be a lot easier now .

The static version , wings fully fitted , also rear upright wing support for cross member detail , all joins being filled with carbody filler and sanding

crosss member fitted to canopy roof with intake built inn .

photos soon