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Making a pallet pod


I have managed to secure another PE Freighter eagle (for collection at the end of the week) so that I can use the eagle for nukes and grab arms etc and so that I can convert the winch pod into a standard pallet.

Has anyone done this conversion, and are there pitfalls etc to watch for? I think its just a matter of pulling of thruster bells and unscrewing everything...anything I'm missing?

I have 4 of these eagles and I'm still excited...can't wait till Friday :dance: :D


From memory...I did this some time ago:

Remove the VTOL thrusters and unscrew the base from the platform.

This gives access to the fixing for the winch unit which you can then remove together with the string / magnetic clamp.

You're left with some holes in the bed of the platform which can be filled, or alternatively glue your nuclear waste canisters over the top to hide them.

Screw back together and replace the VTOL thrusters and you're done...



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What w8cmp said. It's easy.

I also recommend placing waste canisters to hide the holes. I didn't even glue them there.


Hi Tony,

yestarday I've done just the same thing, I remove the VTOL thrusters and unscrewed the base from the platform. Then you can unsrew the winch. :)

Problem now: Where do I get nuclear waste canisters from :cry:

If you know a source - pls. let me know.


To me, the nuclear waste canisters were not the only problem. First, I just did not like the holes in the base plate after removing the winch. Second I wanted to be able to remove the canisters without seeing any holes. The solotion are mangnets, of course, and a reworked base plate. Where as the canisters are still not finished, I would like to show my solution of making a nice base plate.

Cutting the original base plate apart

Cutting a new base plate out of Evergreen styrene ripple plate

Underside of the new base plate which maches the original's base plate structure.
You also can see the magnets which will be used for the nuclear waste canisters

The new base plate top side

The new base plate underside.
I first tried to find very flat magnets but eventually realised that simple washers are by far better. They were glued to the underside and are flat enough to fit inside the pallet pod base.

Final result before painting and without nuclear waste canisters.

I will post the finished pallet pod tonight. The nuclear waste canisters have to be finished first. Enjoy.



Thank you for all your compliments.
So here comes the finished pallet pod!

No airbrush, only cans... :D

This is how I did the canisters. From right to left: 1 Aluminium tube (18.5mm diameter); 2 Bottom covered with plastic sheet; 3 Bottom shaped; 4 Magnet glued to inside of bottom. Then the canisters are filled with plaster and closed with another plastic sheet. The flanges are made with thin Lettraset tape (3 coats) and the tops will be made out of a plastic tube ring and a washer (so it will stick to the magnet I built into my winchpod hook)

This pic shows how my pallet pod can be inclined without loosing its nuclear waste canisters – and they are not glued to the pallet pod's base plate.

When all my canisters are finished, I will post another pic.


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That's good work. I had no idea there are rippled plates like that available.

At first I was disappointed to find the holes, and thought about ways to fill them. But as soon as I placed the canisters on top (and this is the way I intended to display the pallet pod all along) I forgot about the holes and let it be. I would make a mess with the paintwork anyway.

I like the magnets, but am a little curious as to why you need to incline the pod? :!: I know, to fly around the room making whooshing sounds. That's OK, we all do it ;)


Great stuff!
I suppose that one could use plastic tube instead of aluminum, if it's easier to work with.


saturnapollo: And thanks for the tutorial. Keith
You are very welcome.

Garuda: I had no idea there are rippled plates like that available.
After examination of Dave Sissons large Pallet pod I would now suggest a finer rippled plate. Evergreen has them.

Garuda: I like the magnets, but am a little curious as to why you need to incline the pod?
:D whooshing sounds.... :D ....playing with my son who does the same with my old Airfix, serious, I just display it on an Eagle-istand.

CR: I suppose that one could use plastic tube instead of aluminum, if it's easier to work with.
Yes, you are right. But first I was inspired by w8cmp great work ( and second, I just believed that these canisters needed to be heavy. At the same time I did not find the right plastic tube with the right diameter. So when I was looking for the right sized aluminium tube for my Metaprobe, I also was looking for an aluminium tube which had the right diameter for the canisters.

Hey, never give up! There is so much more inspiring Space 1999 stuff in this Forum....

Cheers, Ron


Looks ingenious solution to making the pallet pod floor correct, and also attaching the canisters without glueing.

While my converion may have been the initial inspiration for some of you, yet again you guys have come up with an improvement on what I did.

I have some turned aluminium canisters on order and wonder of I can manage to drill out the base and embed some of these magnets to do something similar...

Looks like I have my work cut out for me...


That's a fantastic idea, and I can readily get the ripple plate. Many thanks Transporter, this is great. Now I really can't wait till Friday.