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Making of SW and other things of interest-WARNING: some adult-only content


Fantastic stuff. Thanks for listing it. :clap:

Will re-visit these often when I need a 70's fix.

Big Boris

Here's a cool link-

DO IT-DO IT NOW........


Big Boris

Cheers Steve-

I should mention-ADULTS ONLY-
This site has some' colourful' language- just a warning to any of the younger set tuning in-

however- some great random pic's.....
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Big Boris

I love the staged shots later in the forum-

like the close up of the rear of the life size X- wing, with Harrison Ford in front if it.

Steve Gerard

The cat in the trench is funny. :D
The X-wing is so detailed, so solid made in full-scale. The weathering on it makes it so authentic from the wear and tear of mission sorties. It looks like it could really fly.:eek: