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Making the PE12 Eagle accurate. "Modifications"

Indeed it was!…same regarding the “spine fix”, among other things.
I actually own that particular Eagle, and the upgrade was a superb job!


Thanks for the link, Jorge :thumbup:

I joined at Robert's site before becoming a member here

( Yahoo ) . he was nice enough to send me the pictures of

the rescue Eagle, but I had no idea that was a PE Eagle.

too bad the breakdown parts link is down. :(
Prowler said:
The link to parts breakdown was down ,it's back on now :wtf:

Hello Prowler!
Just to let you know…the link related to the “parts” topic was indeed down…Rob just fixed it late last evening.

Also, just as a side note, Rob works on ALL sizes of Eagles!
Here’s another fine example of his workmanship on this 22”AB Eagle, now proudly part of my collection (it’s the one inside the display case…the other on the top is PE’s “flavour of the moment”… :D
Cheers!...and keep us posted of your goings-on! :thumbup:


Commander Ret.
RatEotU? Never read that - but somehow, I just knew that was hitchhiker-esque! :D

Googled it and sure enough...



Of all the books in that series (which I read years ago), for some reason that line stayed with me. I thought it would be rather appropriate to use here!


Eagletransporter, I see springs in the links you posted, does the landing gear work?

The rescue stripes sure look better than a stock PE eagle huh.

Tempts me to tear one up....err....apart.

Hello RA!

Indeed the landing gear works beautifully on that particular 12"PE, and the springs provide that “hovering” effect that I particularly like (springs are not as stiff as the ones on the 23”PE and other models I have).

PE totally blew the rescue stripes and to “accurize" them (sorry DX! ;) ) is a must!

Good luck!



Thanks ET. I got the PM.

I bought my PE when they were still 80 bucks. Tearing it apart sends a chill up my spine............. :sweat:


I have to say, I really like the way that one turned out. If it is half as good in person as it is in those pictures, I'm sold!



Commander Ret.
Thanks ET. I got the PM.

Tearing it apart sends a chill up my spine............. :sweat:
They're not that diffult to disassemble. I've taken 6 apart to date, all with no problems. The adhesive is brittle on the cagework and a light tap or twist is all it takes to 'snap' it off. :)

A walk in the park. :)