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Marmit Sky One


There is a Japanese kit manufacturer (Marmit) that released a model kit of Sky One back in July 2004. Does anyone in the forum know if this was ever available from any online sources?

Here is the link to the manufacturer's website:

They also did the following kits too.....

Lt. Ellis kit:

Lt. Ellis statue:

But, I'm really only interested in their Sky One "garage" kit.

I would really appreciate anyone's help.
The Marmit Sky One was very elusive indeed, it had to be ordered direct from the manufacturer as a pre-order, but they did not accept credit card or Paypal, which I venture few if any made it out of Jpan. Even on-line retailers like Rainbow Ten could not source it.



Its the same comment usually made about Vegemite. We have both here, and I imagine that comes from an ad. As true a statement as has ever been made.