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Mars Transfer Vehicle


When I built the Mars Landing Vehicle, one of the members suggested building the mother ship. I didn't really have the need to until I contemplated my latest film venture, then I realised one was necessary which included one or more small scale landers. So had to also scale down the 1/48 lander to 1/144 scale.

So I dug out my old Mars Transfer Vehicle which I built several years ago with the intention of modifying it to incorporate the landers. Anyway it turned into something similar to Trigger's broom. Same model, but with a new front end, new aft end and modified spine.:). Still to paint the aft end and next to build is a Mars roving vehicle. Got to bash on with the model making before the SFX.



The design and execution is very nice. Good to see a science fiction spacecraft that is more science than fiction. :thumbup::thumbup:

I think she needs some color and markings.


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Another stunner Keith, I shall eagerly await the photo shopped images. :thumbup:


Saturn, Thats another great looking ship. I'm only thinking out loud but I think a central structure/module incorporating the reciever and solar collectors would look great. Great work mate.