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Martin Bower TB4


OK Ive just joined to support you great folks.
I have a couple of items that I need to sell.
The first one is self explanatory and really dosent need any explanation,but Ill attach some pics,Im looking for $5000 US,the model is in excellent condition and would be great for a collector.
The next item is a IMAI Zero X big model made from resin and metal parts,it is mint in box,Ive had it for quite a few years and from what Ive been told these are rare especially mint in box.
Size wise I dont know but its big,anyone interested Im looking for $800 US,its probably worth more to a collector,any questions please contact me.


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Captain Sci-Fi

Nice Martin Bower TB4 model for sale....

Hi Gabba,

I really wish I had the cash, that TB4 replica looks amazing. Best of luck with your sale you've picked the right place to offer these items.

I would suggest you add some pictures of the ZeroX model kit also, just so the dog can see the rabbit. :D




Cap n
Thanx for your kind words,I just put some pics up for the Zero X on a seperate thread,so let me know what you think,
Paul :thumbup:


Current sterling to US$ dollar rate is £1.53... so about £2614 at this rates are on credit cards as it's closer to the market rate- so paypal would work.

paul gray

Forum Supporter
congratulations on the Bower TB4 , shame about the van, i so wanted to see that cruise down the front at Southend
cheers Paul