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Martin Bower tracy Island model

I have this amazing studio scale Tracy Island made by Martin Bower, it measures 38 inch wide, 18 inch tall and 20 inch deep. It is detailed with the swimming pool, round house and TB2 runway, the rear is flat as per the studio original so it displays nicely against a wall, Martin is one of THE finest model makers around so the quality speaks for itself, you see many Thunderbirds vehicles but I have never seen another model of Tracy Island.



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Has anyone else noticed ... there are no fences around any of those building compounds? Look at those steep drops off the edges ...


The Memories It Brings...


Oh my! I can almost hear Barry Gray's music fading in in the background, too...

Very nice indeed. Are you showing it off or selling it?
In what year was it built and where did he sign his work?

Did Martin produce a COA for it? These may make a sale more attractive.