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Masterpiece Models 1/77th scale (31") Disney Nautilus Model (RC Suitable)


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Hi Guys,

We have just received out first stock of this amazing kit, we have limited numbers so be sure to act fast if you want this kit

Masterpiece Models 1/77th scale (31") Disney Nautilus Model (RC Suitable)

Complete kit for the construction of a Museum quality replica of Captain Nemo's famous submarine from Disney's 1954 classic,"20,000 Leagues Under the Sea"

(31" overall length). Amazing reproduction of Nemo's Nautilus in 1/77th scale. Kit is manufactured from resin with resin detail pieces and features a fully detailed wheelhouse and removable skiff. A beautiful Victorian-styled display stand is also included. The hull is hollow, and a suitably talented builder can add any number of details such as salon pieces, lighting and much more!

This kit is sold unassembled and requires the buyer to assemble and paint it. The kit is composed of resin and white metal detail pieces. Paint and adhesives are required to complete the model


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