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Matchbox toys used in Thunderbirds

Mike Delamar

the Stingray converted matchbox BP tanker, Corgi bus and some other matchbox cars appear in the background of the car park in City of fire.

perspective modelling

the Stingray converted matchbox BP tanker, Corgi bus and some other matchbox cars appear in the background of the car park in City of fire.

perspective modelling

Hi mike.
If you look to the right of the picture, I think there's a blue Corgi MK 10 Jaguar in the parking area?

I was just watching the stingray episode "Hostages Of The Deep" when I noticed Troy and Phones pull up outside Marineville, in a Matchbox model of a 1959 Ford Thunderbird!
Regards Rob.

Mike Delamar

Hi Rob

it is a mk10 jag but not the corgi one as this ones bigger,1/24 scale approx, we did find it on another thread, its a plastic friction toy.

I think theres a rover behind the yellow car.

ps, please dont reply with the pic quote as it ends up making the thread longer than is needed, like post 41 above.
sorry for sayin, Im not shouting :)





just realised as Ive been digging through my bits of airfix kits, the 2 square parts on the top of that building are from the airfix footbridge, with what look like 2 coins painted grey:lol:

this red van appears very briefly in The mighty atom and the cham cham, I think this could be a big matchbox lesney?


Hi Mike,
this is the Aquacar. Don't know the name of the company.
Regards Micky


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OMG!! I had one of those as a kid!
(and it worked in the bath!)

Also, the vehicle pulling Stingray earlier was a matchbox Snowcat

The vehicle pulling Singray was much bigger than a Matchbox toy, and also isn't the same vehicle either. Not sure if it has ever been identified.


The red tractor vehicle in this scene's forground is also used in the Captain Scarlet episode 'Fire at Rig 15' it can be seen scuttling through the Ben Sheba refinery when the refinery is being evacuated. It is very small, the set for Ben Sheba must be huge...



Hi Mike,

The fire engine in this scene is the Budgie Alvis Salamander (Dinky sized) towing the K1 Foden Hoveringham Tipper Truck, reversed and minus the cab. Its carrying a CO2 sparklet gas cylinder for a soda syphon. The Ben Sheba refinery featured the smaller Matchbox 63B Alvis Salamander. Also I think the Midland coach may be the Budgie 296 version rather than the Corgi one. They were almost identical but the Budgie was slightly smaller and would have been a better scale. Cheers! Wombleafc


Slightly off topic (not a Matchbox) but it was raised earlier in the thread so…
… here’s a few more images of the ‘Stingray tow tractor’ which is also seen in the XL5 episode ‘Dangerous Cargo’; though I’ve still no idea what the various component pieces are from.

The closest match for the chassis I’ve come across is the Marx cap firing tank which is about 8 inches long; however all its wheels are the same size unlike the screen model which has larger wheels front and back. The same chassis may also have been used for the Granatoid tanks and the Coma Tank (Trial by Robot).

The superstructure has been modified between the XL5 and Stingray outings; the two mounts at the rear have been removed as have the front spotlights and crash bars (is that a bit of girder bridge?).
The cabin looks like it came from a toy articulated lorry and has an exhaust stack at the right rear corner. The XL5 shot also shows mouldings on the roof (two lights and a central horn?). The bonnet looks like it has been bent down to match the contour of the chassis.



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I think I've finally solved the Stingray tractor puzzle....
As mentioned in the previous post its essentially the same vehicle as the hauler that appears in the Fireball episode Dangerous Cargo.
It's made of two items;
1. The base is a Triang Minic Sherman Tank. These are large (8inch) clockwork toys produced as part of the 2nd Minic Series starting in 1951. They were available either as a regular tank or as a rocket firing scifi tank. I'm not sure which version was bought Anderson productions but its irrelevant as the turrets were never used. The Minic Tanks were also used to create the Granatoid Tanks (in the episode of the same name) and the Coma Tank from 'Trial by Robot'. The easiest identifying feature is the large lump on the rear of the tank behind the turret.
2. The cabin was sourced from one of the Eldon Big Poly range of toys and was heavily reworked to make the hauler. Most of the bottom and rear section was cut away and the bonnet bent over to follow the contour of the front of the tank. For the Stingray tractor the A-pillars and the front windscreen pillar were also removed and glazing added to the cabin. The easily identifiable parts of this toy are the embossed horn and lights on the roof of the cab and the smoke stacks on the right hand side in front of and behind the cab door.
2b. In the Fireball version, the trailer from the Eldon toy was also used as the Cargo trailer. I think some of the extra decoration added in the Fireball hauler were parts from the Revell Nike Hercules Missile launcher base (this model is all over Fireball sets) which the 'Dangerous Cargo' sits on and the kit also provides the two circular mounts on the back of the tank.

I have been wondering whether there is a place for a thread along the lines of "Whats this?" where members can ask the question hopefully for others to answer, what do you think?

Anyway, hope this has been of interest,



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