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Meeting the Toaster


While at Dragoncon this past weekend, a friend (wearing a S99 t-shirt) and I were walking from point A to point B ~~ no small challenge given 25,000+ of our closest friends and neighbors were also there. :? A man with a US accent walked up to us and announced that we needed books. Given that my friend is a librarian who seems to attract this sort of odd attention on a regular basis, we simply said 'sure'. He handed us a small postcard with a picture of his book, and then started to walk away. Now, this in and of itself isn't so terribly odd given the other bizarre things we saw at the three huge con venues. But... at the last moment, he spun around and asked if we had ever watched 'Red Dwarf'. We nodded, and then he stuck out his hand and shook each of ours. "Then you have just met the Toaster!" :shock:

John Lenahan at his finest!


not trying to nitpick here, but I thought the voice of the second talkie toaster was of another actor? Maybe I'm wrong...

...too many read related thoughts going on