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MEV models.


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Finally, both of the MEV models are finished now thank goodness, here is a picture of each of them.

Thunderbirds are Go version.

Captain Scarlet version.

There are a few more pictures of each on the Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet Model Gallery pages on my website.


Really, really nice! So the only difference between the two versions is the text on the side of the Spectrum one?


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As it happens' I did not post the best Scarlet MEV picture that show's the other main difference to the Thunderbirds are Go version. The front grill is different on the Scarlet version.


Very nice T :thumbup:
Uh T :think: , is the spelling correct in the second photo :twisted: (sorry, couldn't resist) :twisted:


Beautifully done sir! :thumbup:

Nice and clean final presentation, can't argue with that kinda quality.



Well done on getting them finished. Nice job. How difficult was cutting out the "A" and th"I" in the decals? Couldn't have been easy trying to see the white decal against the white backing paper.



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Thanks for all the kind comments guy's, much appreciated.

Keith, cutting up the decal was not that bad in fact, as you pointed out the most difficult part was trying to the see the white letters on the white background, and the letters were very close together.

To be honest the tricky bit was trying not to lose the 'I's after I cut them out of the sheet, being as they were so thin, but fortunately I did have the luxury of having the spare set of letters just in case. So thanks for bringing that problem to my attention, I had a much easier job with the lettering than you did.

Now I have the more difficult job of carefully packing the Captain Scarlet version so that I can post it to Holland making sure that it gets there intact.