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Mig 242


I am starting work on a 1/72nd scale Mig 242 (from Joe 90). it will come as no surprise that I am starting with the newly re-released Airfix 1/72nd scale Angel Interceptor. my reference is pulled from assorted stills in the Mike Trim and lan Shubrook books as well as screen grabs from the show, and the Angel. I am in awe of the work I see on this site - authentic scale replicas; Just amazing. I am not in that class as a modeler. I will be employing artistic license where needed - notably the rear of the plane is always facing away from camera, blurred to heck as it streaks by or covered in smoke. Suffice to say definitive reference is limited (thus far). My goal though is to make the model as accurate as it can be based on what I do know (and see in the show) and essentially not contradict that. The lions share of the plane will come from the aforementioned Airfix Angel and two 1/144 scale General Dynamics F-111s - which seems to be what was used on the real one for the swing-wings, tail planes and twin tail fins (the latter dictating why you need 2). I think some of the under fuselage and jets might also from the F-111...we'll see. I don't believe 1/144 is 100% correct, but as most of the pieces I am using are 'flat' shapes I can extend/enlarge them to the right size as needed.

I have loved this plane for years. In fact I remember us having a Joe 90 reel on 'Standard 8' film in Black & White (silent with subtitles) and my dad running it for us on special occasions. I can hear the clicking of the projector now...

PS - I am also working on an Angel Interceptor 'from the box' and it is already pretty far along - and has had some minor conversion work done to it. I will post a picture of that on the appropriate forum.