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Mission Models Paints now in stock


Assistant Commander
Staff member
Hi Guys

We are pleased to announce we are now stocking Mission Models amazing range of acrylic paints.

MMP Acrylics are simply put, the acrylic hobby paint we've all been waiting for. No more messing with lacquer thinner! Just a few drops of their thinner plus a few more of the optional MMP polyurethane add-in (reduces tip dry and increases durability, cures to an eggshell finish) and your paint will come out beautifully smooth

All paints are airbrush ready. By nature all paint may vary in consistency based on pigment. You may find some paints to be slightly thicker than others which are natural properties of paint. We do not add any additional additives to our paints which results in no shelf life , hard settles or breakdown.

To kick off this new range we are running a 3 for £15 promotion on MMP coded items (excludes thinners etc), this is a great deal so stock up now


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