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Confused & curios by differing claims of what the Mobile crew figures were--plasticine (which I was told years ago), or Tiger Joe gunners (which I was just recently told). I conducted a crude experiment on an actual Tiger Joe gunner, using the techniques described to me.

Below: unsuspecting Tiger Joe crew about to be conscripted into SHADO.

Below: Gunner Removing Army Helmet

Below: Amputating hands to reposition palms down

Below: Hands repositioned

Below: New cranium constructed of Apoxy Sculpt (modern Equivalent of Muliputt)

Below: New cranium & George Hamilton complextion painted on

Below: crude paintwork finished

Below: Positioned inside an old Studio II Mobile Hull

Below: Cab in place, looks relatively convincing

Below: Comparison--NOTE my camera has an annoying "fish eye" resolution not lending to a very fair side by side of the originals, but we will have to suffer along. It's the figure's upward arms that are strikingly similar, & the shape of the hands. The size of the head & body look correct, & the seating position....

Below: Side view, note the posture, looking suspiciously familiar

Inconclusive! While there are some very striking similarities, I don't see 100% definitive proof. Other factors could be in play--perhaps only part of the Tiger Joe gunner was used, or indeed plasticine figures were made using the Tiger Jo gunner as a guide etc....etc...

Opinions? Ideas? Conjecture? Anyone have definitive evidence? Help! Join in!


Chief Eagle Pilot
tiger joe figures

Actually I don't beleive they used Tiger Joe figures in the Mobiles.
HOWEVER the DID use them (modified) in the BIG 1/18 scale Sky 1 and Moonbase interceptor...I own both!!!!
If someone wants me to post a pic I need some help, cos I don't know how to do it
Phil Rae


So it IS 1/18th!

Thanks, Phil; I couldn't quite make myself believe the 'real' Interceptor would be a mere 27' long. 40.5' is much more credible.

It also means the 1/625 scale Interceptors I'm somehow going to create can now be a little bigger...19.75mm rather than 13 and a tiny bit! :lol:

Or I could cheat - build them three or more times bigger and then use camera and/or computer trickery to shrink 'em down to match the Carrier I'm preparing to build (1.6m, i.e. the 'real' Carrier would be 1km in length). Hmm, I'll think about it...
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