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Moebius 2001 Moonbus with extras.


Greetings all!
Thought I'd sling this one up, completed a wee while back but what the hell.
Never built the kit before now, yeah I know, shame on me and all that but this one was done with the Paragrafix photo etch and resin extras, some bought in lighting and some by yours truly.

A self contained model in that the batteries are built in and the rechargeable type. Didn't turn out too bad overall.

Main gallery on my site:

8 page WIP log on how this beastie was brought round to my way of thinking:

A few selected pics...

Enjoy! :D
A joy to behold......

What a beautiful piece of work. I imagine that the basic kit will be of a high standard anyway, but you have really breathed life, authenticity and realism into your model. Thank you for letting us see it!

Kindest regards



Clavius Express (and to Points Unknown)...

Have to agree with Pat - simply gorgeous, both in the execution and the photography! :yes: :yes:

So much detail, and best appreciated when she's sitting still like that. In the film, she was always aloft and in motion!


It looks FAB, great work.
I used to have one of these in the 70's but like a lot of things it disappeared when I moved from Edinburgh to Hertfordshire.
I don't know if you can still get them but I was thinking of getting another as your photos have inspired me.
Its a pity you don't get to see the original model clearly in the film as it and your model are superb.


I thank ya kindly all, it did look pretty in the end despite the laugh riot it was working in all the stuff I was asked to do but that's clients for ya.

The kit is not a bad one by any means and Moebius did an excellent job getting the old Aurora kit redone. It works fine built 'as is' but with a few upgrades, it can seriously shine.

At about 9" long, it's certainly in the not to big or small category so that's a plus point methinks. I'd love to build a larger one but that's just my slightly unstable modelling mentality for you :wtf:

Take care all!


I thank ya!
Oddly enough, the finish as such was pretty simple.
I lay it all out in the link to the WIP log but for those who don't want to click the link, here's a short version:

A decent all over coat of Tamiya light grey fine surface primer and one light coat of Tamiya fine surface primer white. Lay masking tape where appropriate, another coat of white, more tape where needed, repeat about 7 times and you're done.

Works out like this...

One coat of white. I know it will look a fairly solid white but it's not. Do the tape and spray thing and then remove all tape and what ya get is this...

Vallejo rattle can matt varnish, Promodeler dark dirt and concrete grey wash where needed, clean up once dry and varnish seal again.

After decaling was a done deal, weathering is all pastel chalks just ground on to a bit of 600 grit wet and dry and brush applied, then sealed with matt varnish.

And believe it or not, that was about a days work from go to whoa on the paint. Gotta love them quick drying paints and the Hellhole hairdryer came in very handy ;)