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Moebius Mark I Viper


I recently picked up the Moebius Original Series Mark I Viper , a ship which has been on my "to-do" list for 30 odd years !
I'm not doing a review of the kit as such, as plenty of people have shared their opinions , but I will say that it's an excellent kit that goes together quickly , easily and with little problems . The cockpit tub IS a little sparse , but this doesn't concern me as it's the look of the OUTSIDE of the craft that I'm interested in . I must say though , that as I'm in the final stage of the build , I've noticed that the parts of the wings where the guns attach must be slightly warped as the guns don't "sit" horizontally , but point downward . It's not a huge issue , as it's easily corrected , but I'd rather have spotted it earlier on ! The decals are also not the best , as they're reluctant to adhere to the model , but a little effort and they eventually play ball . Anyway , here's some pics .

Not quite finished , as a few things like the canopy and pilot need work , but so far it's been a hugely enjoyable build and though I've built this "straight from the box" , there are plenty of after market bits and bobs available if you want to go to town . Highly recommended .:thumbup:


:O. If its not Ken its you!!... :yes:

Only my all time favourite Viper right there !!! :thumbup:

That's how the Viper should look, not this Mk VII rubbish... :D

Thanks for sharing Thunder... :clap::clap::clap::clap::clap:

Take care Buddy, hoping for more pictures soon?? :D

Regards Andy..


Well Andy , there's a story behind getting this kit . Not a particularly GOOD story , but hey , we're grown men who like to build 'ickle spaceships , so it's all a matter of perspective anyway ! I'd actually visited my local model shop to buy the Mark VII ,but when I got there the two copies they had in stock had been sold that very day . The good news was he'd just taken delivery of the Mark I , so I snatched his hand off ! Although I've never been a card-carrying Galactica fan ( I actually prefer the newer show ) , I've always loved the original Viper and harboured the desire to build one since the first kit came out 30-odd years ago . But , I'd never managed to get my hands on one , even when the kit was re-issued over the years . Anyway , now I've finally got one . ( Still need to pick up that Mark VII though ).:lol:
Viper frenzy....

Is this anything like the Viper kit which was out in the late seventies? I'm sure my brother built a rather smart looking Viper which was made by Revell, but it was a long time ago and I could easily be wrong. Anyway, yours looks great Thundergod, straight out the box and all the better for it. Like other contributors, the updated Galactica show's my preference but there's nothing wrong with nostalgia and you're doing a great job. Thanks for posting,

Kindest regards



Thanks guys. And Patrick, there was a Viper kit produced in the 70's which has been re-issued a few times , but this a completely new tooling .


Thanks for the back story Thunder..... Hope you get your MkVII soon!
As I said, the Mk I is my all time favourite Viper likewise the original Galactica too.....
....but on saying that I thought the recent series was a better more gritty, hardhitting fight for survival type of program, no daft Puppet dogs or hover bikes. :-/
Never seen the original Galactica do a FTL jump either.... That was cool, especially the final jump to Ear...... Oh best not in case I ruin the series ending for anyone.. Lol....:D
Now I always fancied an Adama's shuttle from the Original series/movie..... Or a Cylon tanker... Seen some cracking scratch builds of one.... I think Ken did the Tanker once??:think:
Thanks again my friend..... Still hoping on some more pictures if you get the chance..
Regards Andy..:D


Moebius have released the original Galactica , along with the Cylon Raider which in 1/32nd is huuuuge ! ( And studio scale ) which I'll no doubt get around to picking up . I remember having a magazine years ago devoted to SF kits which had a feature on kitbashing craft from the old fleet and as I NEVER throw anything away ( ask the Missus ), I should still have it somewhere . I also read just this week that Moebius are also releasing the Presidential Ship from the newer series as well . Anyway , here's an update on the Viper . Just a little bit more work before she's done .