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Moebius Mk.I TOS Viper

Hi, guys.

Just a shout to let you know that the 1/32 Moebius Mk.I TOS Viper is already out. My friend got it from Hobbysearch two weeks ago and we're literally the first peeps in the country to get them ;)

I got my 1997 Revell model out and did a very quick comparison. Moebius's is slightly longer and that made me love it was the cockpit canopy and the Thrusters. So, you guys have to start bugging your local hobby shops...

All the pictures are in my Facebook Page below:


As of this posting, it's still showing as "Coming soon" on the Moebius Web site. :(

I've had mine on pre-order from since earlier this year.

Hopefully I'll get an e-mail soon that will make me very happy. :yes:



I've just discovered one of the Forbidden Planet websites has this so I've just ordered it. I had great fun making the Revell reboxed Moebius vipers from the new series this time last year.