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Moebius MKII Viper vs Revell MKII Viper


anyone know if theres a difference between the Moebius and Revell MKII vipers? I already have the moebius but if theres a big difference with the Revell version I'll get that too.


Sage the Owl

I don't have these but from what i've read they are identical.
The Revell Galactica repop though does have additional launch bay decals not contained in the Moebius version.
colonial viper

hi, both kits are identical,REVEL,used the original MOEBIUS moulds.The only difference is the price,i bought both kits and assumed the Moebius to be the better kit.The kit is very good,both in detail and assembly,the only thing to watch for is the landing legs ,make sure they are fitted before the under-pan is located.;)


I've decided I'm going to get at least 2 more MKII so I can have Adama, Apollo and Starbuck. Don't know which kit yet though. Moebius seems to be more frequent to get.

Already have 13 Monogram MK1's from 78, and getting 8 more pre-orders from Moebius when they come out this year.