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Moebius Models Seaview

I am building the moebius models 1:128 scale "Seaview" submarine from "Voyage to the bottom of the Sea", and will be posting my build progress here.

I have collected this 39" craft and added the Paragrafix brass etch for both the "Seaview" herself and the "FS-1" flying sub. I have also got the paragrafix decal set for the "Seaview" control room.

Having also bought the DVD set of the second season of the TV show, I noticed something odd.

The front cover of the DVD set shows the "Seaview" in the 8 window configuration, which I thought was the film miniature, also used for the first season, but then replaced. This version would also not have the flying sub, which was brought in to the series for the second season. (Do the people who choose the artwork for these things not do even basic research of the thing they are looking at?)

The DVD back cover also proclaims that "The second series of Irwin Allen's sci-fi TV classic comes to you shot in colour for the first time.", and I was wondering if this means that the first season only was shot in black & White, or has this been colourised for the DVD release?

Anyway, I plan on starting some work on this shortly. I need to get some way into watching the episodes I haveso I can be sure of the colours of both the control room and the flying sub interior.

I have already noticed a sink mark on the front panel of the helm/conn console in the control room which will need filling before I go anywhere with that, and the brass etch interior for the flying sub is cut away to allow for the stand connector. As I will be building my own stand for this, I am going to cut the required section from the bottom plate of the flying sub and work the hole in the brass etch to give flat walls in this area. Once I have that done, I will probably start with the flying sub and once that has been finished and the new stand made, I will go on with the "Seaview" herself, starting with the control room and flying sub bay of course.

I will probably use the time before I start on the "Seaview" to contact Paul and ask about some of the brass etch pieces for the "Seaview", as he states that some of them cneed to be bent, but just sticking them on is also not really accurate as it leaves an undesirable edge around them where the hull should be smooth. I don't know which would be easier, using the brass as a template to cut the hull, or removing some of the depth of the hull to recess the brass at the level of the surface of the part, then removing plastic from behind.

Captain Sci-Fi

It might be easier to post some pictures of the problems and solutions you have. I know the Moebius kit quite well but still getting lost, failing pictures could you quote some part numbers?

The Seaview and more so the Flying Sub were classic inspirations as I was growing up. I totally thought the FS1 model really flew as an RC model it looked so real....

Nothing major to worry about. Mostly to do with the Paragrafix parts and how to fit them to the Moebius parts on the external hull.

As to the others, I will post pictures as I get work underway, but that won't be for a couple of weeks yet. Not only do I want the pleasure of watching at least some of season 2 before I start, I have small figures of Servalan, Travis, and 4 federation troops to paint for a friend before I really get my teeth into this. (Pictures of those will appear in the B7 threads as soon as I complete them.

And I will be at Figureworld in Northampton tomorrow, so may require some time to digest what I see there, and to empty my camera of course.
OK Bernie. My overall plan is to produce a model of what would be 'the real thing' based on the 17 foot filming miniature. This means no frames on the front windows, and 20 missile hatches along the spine. There are some slight defects in the moulded parts, and some inaccuracies I will deal with.

First off, the Moebius parts. The control room.

As you can see, the part for the front 'wall' has twisted whilst it was in the box. I will have to gently heat it to soften it slightly, place it on a flat surface, and allow it to cool so that it retains the straight shape it was moulded in. If I don't heat it enough, it'll spring back when I let it go. If I heat it too much, I run the risk of warping it in another way, and possibly destroying the part altogether.

My plan at this stage was to have glued in the two rear walls (The one along the back, and the one that forms the rear and central side of the radio room) and the front wall in place. I can then airbrush the floor colour so that it gets slightly darker as you go further back, with shadows generated from things blocking the light from the front windows, and getting slightly darker as you go down the walls and go away from the artificial lights that would be in the ceiling.

The front of the Con/Ops/Helm console has a large sink mark in it. This is caused when the surface of the part cools in the mould, the injection gate freezes so that more molten plastic can't be pushed in, and as the rest of that area cools, it pulls the surface of the plastic away from the surface of the mould. This requires filling and flattening before undercoating.

There is also a slight problem with the helical stair that is positioned on the left as we are looking at the picture, behind the front wall. When I get around to putting it in the control room, I will have to modify the part first. The part as supplied has a tall panel around the circumference, on top of which is a hand-rail. I can only assume that this is just "Health and safety gone mad" again, as the actual set had no such handrail and the panel around the circumference looked shorter.

As I have decided to magnetize my Flying Sub so that it fits into the sub bay without the post, and to make my own stand so I can have the lower 'rudder' piece permanently in place, I have some extra work to do on the interior of the FS-1.

The FS-1 currently has the rear bulkhead glued to the upper hull with the front clear part and the 'rudder' glued into the lower hull. I have taped the Paragrafix brass etch into shape, but not fixed it into the hull as it will need modification and painting first.

The interior. I have not worked on the corner struts, nor the ceiling rings yet, as they will need to be kept out until after I have modified and painted the interior. You will note the hole in the back wall and floor to allow the moebius lower hull stand support to come through the brass. As I will not be using the supplied stand, I am going to remove this area of plastic and fill in the holes in the brass interior to complete the look as seen on screen.

It is a shame I am not skilled in electronics, as this would be a perfect opportunity to have the interior of both craft lit by small LEDs, which would add in the interior lights, reactor, and exterior searchlights working on the flying sub.


There is a good lighting kit for this Sub made by VooDoo FX but hes not shipping to the UK these days

what ever you do dont use a brand called plastikote the blue paint (B&Q) is a perfect match for the floor with a slight flake in it,but mine never dried out,so i ended up with a real mess
Ah, Film and Season 1 version. I would love to know where that deviates from the later 4 window version. I have heard that the forward hull is a slightly different shape, but what else? Is there a vast difference along the missile deck for instance?


Seaview and getting the detail right

Yes season 1 was filmed in black and white. If the season 1 is in color than they have colored it which I would be very surprised they would have spent the time lot alone the money. Remember that the movie was in color so any effects used in season 1 that where filmed for then movie they had to process in b&w for the show.

I get so irritated when I see errors like that when they do art for season 2 but then show the 8 windowed Seaview. Then again even in the show sometimes you saw the 8 windowed version in seasons 2 - 3. Just like when i look at a magazine that has a picture from Star Trek and the insignia or on their right side.