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Moebius Viper Mk VII Preview


Seeing the work that was going into my Viper Mk II build over on Hobbytalk, Frank Winspur contacted me and very kindly offered me a test shot of the upcoming Mk VII to build to display on the hangar diorama.
I've kept it under wraps until today so that it was a surprise at the Crewe show. I've just returned from the show and I can say that it generated a lot of interest from both the group I was with and from the visitors to the table.

So what's in the kit?....

Here are some sprue shots....nice detail throughout with engraved panel detail...

Fuselage is divided into top and bottom halves with most of the seams hidden in actual panel lines...



One interesting idea is the ability to build either a male or female pilot with optional chest parts...

I opted to assemble the intakes and tailfin first then attach to the upper fuselage. This allowed me to add a couple of strips of styrene to strengthen the joint at the wing root. The actual fit of parts here was very good but I just wanted the peace of mind that the joint wouldn't open up again while handling...

It's a good idea to paint inside the tail at this point as it will be difficult once the engine assembly is in place.

I also filled in the stand slot as I intended it to be placed on its legs.

Looking at that last pic, is it just me or does the shape resemble the Orion from 2001?


Engines assembled and painted....notice the pipework which took a bit of working out as the kit came without instructions!....

Assembled landing gear...NOTE: Frank has told me that the legs in this test shot are 6mm shorter than they should be, however this will be rectified in the production kits.

The cockpit is simple...only four pieces, but well detailed with a nice seat and ribbing detail on the bulkhead...I detailed mine with left-over decals from the Mk II sheet, I assume the final kit will have decals supplied for this area...



As I said, the kit was supplied to me without instructions or decals so the finish was largely down to some pics I found online and spare decals from the Mk II and the custom sheet we had made for the Excalibur build.

I went for a rather battered light grey scheme with plenty of scorch marks from enemy fire...

So thanks once again to Frank, not only for giving me the chance to build the test-shot, but for producing yet another top quality kit. I think you'll all agree that it looks terrific and makes a great companion to the Mk II.:wave:

Alex Dumas

Those pics look great. I have always find this viper version 'lezard' like. A rupture in style from the Mk 1 and Mk2 for sure.

Thanks for sharing this with us! ...and keep them coming, Moebius!


I was watching one of the netflix BDG vido disks and it had one setion that showd the models and their size .


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Nice Review and diorama Jargonking. My Kids bought the kit for me on my Birthday. You have inspired me to start this one soon ( so many to do! ). This design grew on me over the series and now I love it especially in the light grey scheme of modern US fighters with low vis decals.

Nice Model..and well made. :thumbup:

Lets see the whole of the diorama please.