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The tubey bit marked with a question mark in the photo isn't a kit part but the brass hinge that allows it to tip up. Dave's got his hinge a little too far back and effectively created a second dummy hinge. It's stuck to the underside of the waffle pattern Airfix girder bridge base that spaces apart the girderwork sides. Only then should the additional bridge bases be added inside to brace the girderwork sides.

Amazing, now you've said that it's cyrstal clear! Couldn't work that out at the time. Oh well...

On the subject of identifying parts, nobody was ever able to identify what toy the side tracks came off (actually on the drill part, not the tractor)


Iwould hazard a guess that the side tracks are from a toy bulldozer - perhaps the same one as used for the Tractor Cats in 'End of the Road'

Mike Delamar

have to ask captanapollo, I cant remember, but the tracks for the front of the explosive truck are from a plastic tank, the remco light bulldog tank, which sadly has no other parts for anything else just the tracks, I think its the same tracks used on the side of the mole.

there is a site on the net somewhere, trying to find it, of a guy who does spares so you dont have to buy a tank



When i built the grey and houseman tractor ,I used a toy tank made by Remco. this was made in the sixties, Since then i have found many toys from the period, particularly tin toy tanks and tractors, To pick the exact one they used, is very hard. The treads on the mole have the slats closer together, so i molded the remco tracks, cast of a copy in fast cast ,modified this, and then remoulded and cast in a flexible urethane, to produce the mole side tracts . Jim


Does anybody have original or copies of the Aurora Freedom Fighter decal used on the Mole ie next to the right hand porthole on the drill section?