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Moon Dances: 1969-2019



All we saw, were the three of them; and yet, behind them, were so very many others - who got them out there, got them back home and, in between, kept them safe...

Below, presented in random order, are then-and-now stories of some of them (note: some may contain third-party adverts). If you can think of others to add, then please feel free!

For 20-21 July AD 1969...

Watch. :eek: Remember. :pray: Rejoice! :dance: :dance: :dance:

*Walter Cronkite and the awe of space exploration (CBS):

*How Jodrell Bank tracked Apollo 11 (BBC):

*Poppy, Joann and Margaret: Apollo 11's "Hidden Figures" (CBS):

*"I helped the world watch Moon landing" (BBC):

*Inside the big dish that brought us TV from the Moon (BBC):

*Of Little Details and Lunar Dust: Preserving Neil Armstrong's Apollo 11 Space Suit (NPR):

*Historic Mission Control Restored (The Associated Press):

(As always, if any issues with any of the above links, pls advise...:))


Thank you so much for compiling these! I'll have a good watch/read tomorrow when I get more time. :)

I have a keen interest in space and have taken my wife/kids to KSC from the UK twice. My daughter won a scholarship to 'Space School' at JSC in Houston a few years ago and I've filmed interviews with several astronauts over the years with my work.

I have no time for Moon Hoax idiots and enjoy revelling in the incredible achievements made 50 years ago. :)


More Moon Memories...

Hi, skiffy -

Wow, and how very lucky! As a lifetime "West Coastie," I've always regretted that I could only see the space shots on television (which, back then, meant getting up whatever the hour of the day or night, to see them live!)…

Forward to 1999, when my mother and I visited Washington DC and amongst other places, went to the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum - where we got to see Apollo 11's Columbia and John Glenn's Friendship 7 - and even got to touch a real piece of the Moon!

Been spending a lot of this Sat/20 watching archival CBS News coverage of Apollo 11's launch and the Moon landing itself (missed it in '69, due to job) - bless "The Walter (Cronkite) and Wally (Schirra) Show"!! :) :) (Still the best space show this side of Tranquillity Base... ;))