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Moon Mobile kitparts/details

chas b

I'm following this discussion on the MM's windows with some interest as it's a model I'd like to build myself one day.However,I can't picture what Mark42 is trying to explain.Howabout a diagram?

I've studied pics of the original models closely and have noticed a couple of things.
1.I think the flat areas may actually be inset into the sphere ie they don't meet flush with the spheres edge.Put another way,there may be a thin 'band' of the sphere approx 4mm above the flat areas.This is best seen in a 3/4 view of the model.
2.I think the 'headlights' might be faired in by a clear dome,again 3/4 views show this best.

I'm just throwing these observations out to you guys to get your opinions,i'm not saying any of the above is fact,my ref's arn't good enough to be sure.



Chas is right. The window sections are recessed. This also shows the lower line of the windows. If they were parallel, you'd be able to draw a straight line from the outermost corner of one to the outermost corner of the other. Here's a photo with the darker levels lifted in Photoshop to show the shadow detail a bit clearer:

Also, curiously, all the photos I have of that model, including the profile shots, seem to show a clear dome but only over the lefthand headlight. Perhaps a bit of DVD surfing is in order to decide which route to go with that detail.

chas b

Glad you posted that picture DX,it's the very pic I was referring to but had no way of posting it.The angled windows are now very apparent too.Can't believe I'd not noticed that before!



Chief Eagle Pilot
I did notice the apparent recess on this picture but could not see it on the standard front on profile picture - but that is a different model. I did wonder if the recess was a fault or even damage on that particular model, like someones held the thing and pushed the panel in with his fingers.
The two big models do have different details - for instance I think the horizontal rear leg support, that comes out of the side of the models hull, is in a different position on each model.
A bubble over one of the headlights is news to me - well spotted.
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