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MOON played at SUNDANCE last week and got some exceptional reviews. For an indie scifi film, it proved its worth. and have reviews if anyone is interested. There are spoilers but they are hidden in invisotext on the Chud site with the review by Devin Faraci. Devin can be a real ass and nitpicker when it comes to genre films but he liked MOON a lot. I didn't read any spoilers just got the gist of the film.

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I've seen the miniatures in Bill's workshop and they look great!
Really good detailing and weathering.

The sets are quite pristine, but impressive non the less.

I even met Sam Rockwell.

What a day out!:thumbup:


Here is the trailer, it makes me think of Silent Running.




DAMN!, and off goes caps lock!


That does look good indeed. The trailer makes me think there may be elements of 'The 6th Sense' and '2001' (ie HAL).

Dr Kane

I'm really looking forward to this film. The reference points are obvious - everything from 'Dark Star' to 'Blade Runner' via '2001' - but it looks as if they've been blended into a new and satisfying whole. I also welcome the fact it appears to be genuine, thought-provoking SF rather than laser guns at dawn (not that there's anything wrong with that). Looks like Sam Rockwell virtually carries the whole film - impressive.

Trivia: Director Duncan Jones was once known as Zowie Bowie - yes, he's David's son. The film has music by Clint Mansell, who was in the techno-rock group Pop Will Eat Itself. (Isn't someone on here from Stourbridge?)
US release dates have just been announced on their website and Facebook profile…but nothing yet on what concerns Australia.
Unofficial Canadian dates/location: July 3rd in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal: July 10 in Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Victoria and Halifax. Limited release, no word yet in what cinemas.
Really looking forward for this one! :thumbup:

Update for the canucks: Toronto: Cumberland and at AMC Yonge & Dundas
Vancouver: Tinseltown
Montreal: AMC Forum
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There are familiar faces in the model crew with Anderson connections. Ron Hone and Bill Pearson, both of whom are interviewed in that Dennis Lowe video about "Alien". Ron worked on UFO and Bill on "Space Precinct". John Lee who worked on "Terrahawks" and "Aliens". Steve Howarth who worked on "Space Precinct" and "Space Truckers" (with Brian Johnson) and Chris Hayes who worked on "Casino Royale".

Tim Smith

I was really, really looking forward to this one, and then a stinking limited release! It is not even showing in Atlanta. Really dumb; we've got more than enough theaters all showing the same crap; can't they spare just one? That's all I need. I did find one screen in I guess I'll wait until it comes to DVD. Hopefully that will not be a limited release. Talk about not wanting anyone to see your film!!


Might be DVD for me too. Hopefully available when its released. This limited release stuff must be sooooo frustrating for the makers of the film


If the returns are good, it will get a wider release. It's been a long time coming but I think they've held it back to come out at the same time as the anniversary of the Moon landing. Word is it's very good and several of the UK movie mags have started to publish features on it.


If you're in the UK, you can see a preview with a post-screening Q&A with the director on Wednesday 8th July at the British Film Institute Southbank.

And the really nice thing is... we have some free tickets thanks to the BFI :clap:

In fact the tickets are to any BFI screening in their Moon-themed season this July- among the films on the big screen will be 2001, Apollo 13 and something called Space 1999. :thumbup:

More details in a thread this evening.