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Just read an article on it in Cinefex 118. Seems very promising. With a reputed $5m budget and a single actor, it could all turn out badly, but from what I read and see, it looks as if there's a STORY in there (did you hear me Mr Lucas?) as well as some striking moon-shots.

Hoping it comes to Oxford.



Wow, just got back from seeing this. Excellent film.

Kinda like Solaris + Silent Running + Outland + Blade Runner + Space 1999.

I really believe that physical models produce a much more tangible presence on the screen.

Great story, very intense. Solid acting, fx were wonderful, soundtrack good, cinematography and editing were quality too.

Tim Smith

I just went nuts and wrote all the major theater companies that operate here about the lack of just one screen onto which "Moon" can be shown. Suggest anyone out there that wants to see it before it gets shrunk to the small screen do the same. How many screens do you need for Transformers anyway???


There is only one theater playing this, in Houston. Seems like a very limited release. Seriously worth seeing on the big screen.

I wish I could have gotten my money back from the Transformers movie, and given the $ to this one. We need more serious sci-fi movies like this.

Jim Lewis

I went with a group to see MOON last night at the NFT. Very impressed. A strong storyline which although initially one which was simply unravelled became all the more interesting as things unfolded. Nice sets, costumes and of course what guys like us consider as 'classic' effects work. I urge anyone to try and see this if they have the opportunity. Sam Rockwell's performance was very strong too and the whole thing really was evocative of Sci-Fi stuff from the late 1970s/early 1980s. Not too many 'whizz bang effects' if that is what you are into but a very entertaining movie. Duncan Jones the director and the producer held a long QA session after the movie and they seemed to be just like us in their interests in old style effects and movies too so maybe we can expect more good stuff from them in the future. As a trivia thing I saw two of the cast in the foyer after. Matt Berry from DARK PLACE and BENEDICT WONG who played in all sorts of stuff but as I recall was Mr Sulu in the STAR TREK stage show some years back. Highly recoemmend this move though.


8 October in Oz. Not sure which cinema chain yet, but hopefully it will get enough exposure. I don't want to wait another 6+ months for the DVD.
Just been watching the Duncan Jones interviews on Empire. Can't we get this guy to be an Honoury member of the Forum! I almost wept with gratitude when I saw what his top five sci-fi are;

Seriously I hope he gets some of his planned films made. He comes across as a young Ridley Scott. I still can't find anywhere around here showing Moon though. Its intelligent, well written, produced on a miniscule budget, the effects are excellent, the acting first rate and its getting almost universal praise. And there isn't a single bloody cinema within thirty odd miles of me showing it!


Chief Eagle Pilot
Just been to see it and it's very good - nice models and good story - even though I had pretty much figured out the plot before I saw it. One bit of the set made me smile as it was clearly supposed to be a copy of the corridor from the Discovery in 2001.
And after 40+ years of watching films/tv shows featuring the same actor playing two roles and interacting in a scene I think it's fair to say that they have finally nailed that special effect well and good. The days of him standing on either side of the film frame with a split down the middle have happily long gone.
I consider myself lucky in that two theatres in the Cincinnati/Northern
Kentucky area are showing it, both within ten miles. Been looking forward to this one for some time. My son and I are going to see it this weekend--great way to celebrate the 40th anniversary...


With more than one moment of homage to Sci-Fi Classics such as Outland and 2001, Moon takes place on a mining base of the aforementioned planetoid where a new mineral is sourced by remote operated mining harvesters all over seen by the lonely Sam, the single crewman who runs the show and the station along with an intelligent but basic computer called Gerty (Voiced by Kevin Spacey with shades of Hal 9000).

Sam (Sam Rockwell on excellent form) is on a three month contract and has only two more weeks to go, with a wife and young daughter waiting for him at home, the strain of being away for so long is beginning to tell, not helped by the fact that long range communication with Earth is down, and the only contact he has with home is via delayed messages sent by his wife and from the company. When he is not spending is time maintaining the base and its vehicles he carves buildings from bits of wood, exercises and watches old movies. But time is taking its toll and he starts to hallucinate which leads to an accident on the lunar surface. Later he awakens in the infirmary to the soothing voice of Gerty who informs him that he had an accident, but soon be begins to realise he might not be as alone as he thought.

Spoiler – Sam sensing all is not as it should be, goes against Gerty’s orders and visits the site of the accident finding himself still alive and trapped in the wreckage. He soon realises he is a clone, awaken to replace his former self and continue his work on the station. The first Sam believes himself to be the real Sam and is convinced he is still going home, but soon it becomes apparent that the memories they both have of their family are nothing more than chips planted from the memories of the real Sam on earth and that the repair team that are ever getting closer to the station have been activated to make sure the previous clone is in fact dead.

Moon is an excellent film that captures well the claustrophobic atmosphere than a man in a job would experience. The whole film gives many a nod to the previously mentioned Sci-Fi greats as well as shows like Space 1999. The miniature model work is superb and nice to see instead of bland CGI which would have given the movie a look with no texture’s or substance. Spacey’s voice leands itself all too naturally as the dour but caring voice of ‘Gerty’ whose own programming conflicts with the unusual circumstances that he is forced to deal with.

It won’t appeal to the Friday night multiplex crowd and is probably all the better for it, but it is a solid piece of Science Fiction and a tour de force of Rockwell’s acting abilities, neither of which should be missed.



Prentis Hancock's take on "Moon"

'MOON' is a scifi must-see, Indie feature from Writer/Director Duncan Jones starring Sam Rockwell with Spacey playing the 'voice' of 'Kano'. Very commendable early feature in the traditional genre featuring the 'Dark Side of the Moon'. All very comfortable if a little familiar but an interesting study in breakdown and renewal in a much-loved location [particularly for SPACE:99ers!!!]


Possible spoilers ahead. Highlight to read:

Just came back from seeing it tonight and have to say I was a little underwhelmed. Sam Rockwell's performance is amazing not only because he performs 99% of all the dialogue in the entire film but also has to act with himself in almost every scene. That must have involved a lot of planning and choreography. As Mark42 has commented, they've nailed this aspect of the film to be 100% convincing. Unfortunately, the story has so many large loopholes in it, you could drop a manhole cover through most of them. Set design is on the whole excellent though borrows heavily from 2001, Alien and Outland. The SFX, and it pains me to say it, were very modelly. The designs were a little unlikely, the moonbuggies lacked any kind of soft suspension and moved rather clunkily, the sky was filled with too many and too large stars ala Star Wars and the Moon seemed to be permanantly shrouded is some kind of heat fog. Whoever sculpted the craters had obviously seen one too many episodes of the Clangers being rather too high and too sharp edged. OK I know these are minor points but detailing can destroy one's belief in what you're seeing. Quite why the buggies had to be garaged in a pit that they had to climb out of each time they left the base rather than being merely left on the surface is`a puzzle. Overall, worth seeing but not one I'd be running back to see again.