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Captain Sci-Fi

Terminator movie

Just a thought, did anyone see the new Terminator movie yet? Actually silly question...
What did everyone think of the new Terminator movie?



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Personally I haven't seen MOON yet, I live somewhat in the sticks and can't find it showing anywhere (Bristol/South Glos area anyone?)

Good bad or indifferent I want to see it anyway. It's good to know they are still making films like this and I welcome it to the fold. I have unusual tastes in movies but the common thread is the models/effects. One notable exception to this is Alien, that hit ALL the boxes and I am gagging to see the Prequel movie from Cameron - exciting stuff eh? :thumbup:


ALIEN Prequel is Ridley Scott is it not!!!!?


Steve Howarth has updated his site with a bunch of cool shots of the miniature work for 'Moon'.

Luverly jubbley!! :thumbup:

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What kinda mood should I be in for Moon? Bought it the other day but it looks terribly depressing... :-/ :think:

SPACE 1899

I finally caught up with this at Sheffield. For a first film its an impressive piece of work.And for a budget of £5 million I think its a small miracle it looks as good as it does. That wouldn't even pay for the catering on one studio film (just joking!!!) or one major star, though I think Sam Rockwell deserves a million for the way he carried the story.

Agree with you there, Known Space - have just watched it on rental dvd this evening and thoroughly enjoyed it.

One interesting piece of trivia on the Q&A session on the dvd extra features -
the sci fi 'independent' movie 'Sunshine' in comparison had a budget of £50 million.
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What kinda mood should I be in for Moon? Bought it the other day but it looks terribly depressing... :-/ :think:

Well, a forthright answer might possibly spoil the ending for you, but I watched it the other week and I must say it's not the most uplifting film I've ever seen - Avatar it ain't.

Doesn't really help much, does it? :-/


The visuals are pretty good but the plot has several holes you could drive a bus through. If you sit down and watch it with Mrs Eagle, I'm sure at the end both of you will be asking each other, "Why didn't he do this or that?" or "if he could do that why didn't he do that earlier?" with a side order of "would they go to that much trouble?"

Script apart, it is very well put together and extremely well carried by Sam Rockwell. Not a classic but the first proper cinematic science fiction we've seen for a long time that wasn't drenched in CGI or an explosion every five minutes.


"Avatar it ain't"

..and thank heavens for that. Didn't rate Avatar at all...

I think Moon is a great film, and a bargain at that price!

Blue Moon

Well I watched it when the missus wad away one night and I thoroughly enjoyed it :yes: proper old fashioned Sci-Fi, enjoyed it very much, but there again I didn't even bother with Avitar-once a cartoon, always a cartoon! Sorry, just my opinion, I am one of the olde members and for me I'm afraid CGI is a case of 'the Emporers new clothes' I just don't see what everyone else does, it started with Titanic and hasn't got any better really, with the exception of landscapes and miniatures with enhanced lights engines etc.

Sorry-just an opinion (just a grumpy old man at heart) :lol:


Hi Guys

As the modelSHOP supervisor on MOON, I can make to order a replica, a 'DUPLICATE' if you will, of the Rover 'A' from moon. Studio scale at 1/12th scale, it will be as close to the original model as is possible. ...made by the guy who made the original (except the wheels on 'A') but I did paint them all and attach them and have acess to the original mould. will use the same materials and thicknesses, have a printout of Gavin Rotherys original graphics and will weather in the same way. Suspension with 10mm of movement and illuminated cab with figure.

taking orders for £5,000 with half the cash up front .

Take a look at

Steve Howarth
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Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Steve,

Happy New Year & welcome to the forum.

I was corresponding with Gavin recently about producing a blueprint set for the movie and it also crossed my mind that someone ought to produce a kit of the Rover's.

Is there any chance you could be convinced to provide such a kit? - ETF site owner.
Happy New Year to all.
In case you weren't aware, there is a kit of the Rover made by Scott Spicer. I think I saw it for sale over at Starship Modeler. I personally saw it at Wonderfest and I have to tell you it was a beautiful little piece of work at 1/35th scale. A studio scale replica or kit sure would be cool though...


Thank you and Happy new year to you too. Unfortunately at this moment in time I cant produce a studio scale kit. Duncan and Stuart are trying to get a licence from SONY to do it themselves (Hopefully, they'll employ me to make the pattern for whatever merchandise they want to produce). If they cant get a licence, then maybe a limited run, as it all serves to maintain the momentum of the cult status Moon seems to be gathering...which I think said parties quite like the idea of.
I think at the moment I can only make one-offs to order ( a commision - if you will). If someone else wants to take this and produce a kit, thats up to them and their risk.

Captain Sci-Fi

Well worth knowing, perhaps we could wait a bit and see what develops as far as a kit is concerned. I feel we need more merchandise from this movie, I can tell you from the contact I have with fans there is a strong base of interest. You can't get better than a replica from the chap who built the original. :D

Your website looks marvellous and we all really appreciate your background on the props both whilst making them and on set. Any anecdotes or information you could share would more than welcomed.


Thanks. Its all on my website, pretty much...the props and the models (the ones I did the lions share of, anyway)....too damn busy and not a lot of time for fun on that one. (the work itself was the fun) I have a 12th scale GERTY almost finished, but thats in France at the moment, can't really go into mass producing that one either, but may sell the original...if not to Duncan or Gavin or Stuart, then to someone else. I'll post pictures when I have it finished.


What can you say about the movie Moon all i can say is it is a fantastic film with excellent special effects and CGI kept to a bare minimum. My favorite moment in the film is when Sam Rockwell's character is in the rover upset he looks up to the Earth and utters the dialogue " I WANT TO GO HOME " that was probably the top highlight of the film for me brought a tear to my eye and a lump in my throat whenever i watch that film it have seen so many times...
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Moon is great and Jones next film Source Code is good too,although Moon has the edge in originality and some great model work.If Jones keeps making Science Fiction films of this quality in the future I certainly will not complain.:)
I too thought Moon was a great film especially when you consider it's limited budget. The Rover was an attractive design that wouldn't be too hard to scratchbuild.

I saw Moon in the cinema and then bought it on DVD as soon as it came out. As for Avatar - I was offered a free copy and declined as I really couldn't be bothered to watch it for a second time.


Saw Moon on Blu-ray.Mysterious kind of a beginning held your curiorsity.
But you quickly realised what was going on once you knew there was a double.
I thought the idea of two doubles coming into contact was a risk,as it can deterioate into a rather silly situation.Unfortunately it did'nt entirely escape that sort of feeling (with me at least,the assocaition is enough).

So I did'nt like that idea.If the doubles had somehow been kept dormant or inactive then the whole thing would have become more haunting.It would then have turned into a more psychologically entertaining film.

The ending also seemed to be an upbeat last thought addon.

So I am left with an unsatisfied feeling.

Now if they can re-create that sort of model work for the new UFO films,all other things being equal I will be very happy indeed.