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Moonbase Alpha Launch pads

Captain Sci-Fi

Here are reference images for the launch pads from Moonbase Alpha, this is a collection of screen grabs from the DVD box set


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Help Wanted : Launch base of the Eagle Space 1999

Hello everyone!
I am new to the forum and excuse my bad english ...
I have an Eagle Diecast Model 1/72.
My dream is to build strong cardboard launch base of the eagle:
- The platform
- The building with its sliding gangway

would actually be very nice to provide me
I do not manage to find the plans to make it.:cry:

If a buddy inherit the scale plans, it would be really very nice to provide me. such as PDF to print ...:clap:

My address:

If I manage to get these plans and once construction is done, I will publish the photo and thanking the generous donator of these plans.:thumbup:

Thank you in advance!

Michel; o)