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Moonbase Alpha

Here is my Moonbase Alpha model, recently completed. I hope to eventually have a frame built around the kit to hide the ratty seams....

I opted not to use the Eagles included with the kit because they are so out of scale. I also didn't care for the Main Mission diorama, but the kit would have looked funny without it, so.....

And whoever was responsible for lining up the holes in the buildings with the travel tube tunnels needs to be dragged out into the street and shot.
Bravo Mark!...great work indeed :thumbup:
As most of us know this kit can be quite challenging for many reasons…especially on what concerns the rigidity (or lack of it…) of the lunar surface base.
Because of that “little” detail and also because I'm a below average modeler I’ve opted to send my Moonbase kit to Mire Reader a couple of years ago. Mike also did a splendid job and take a look at the wooden frame:

…looks good too, no? ;)

Where do you think I got the idea for the frame? :D

I liked the way Mike modified your kit with the launch pad and Eagles in flight.....