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Moonbase Alpha

Captain Sci-Fi

Kitted up....

That's very interesting, the three kits affected all came from the same seller, same red stripe era and all have silver tracks. I bought them at the average price irrespective of early issue packaging and they don't look to have ever been opened. I am collecting a nice pile of Airfix kits for this project so far, it's fun to identify the parts. Thank goodness the model is not too heavy with kit part details.

Once this work is completed I may offer whatever kits are surplus to the membership for those that may want to build up from the drawings.



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I wouldn't have wanted to be the "apprentice" modeler who had to cut these elongated "pie" slices out. There must be hundreds of them on the model!

Hi Guys,

Here are the last batch of images I am sharing before work commences. Anyone recognise the triple action razor blade?

The well you see here is part of the 1:24th Scale Revell Gemini kit


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Hi Bernie,

Spotted this a while ago, but forgot to mention it. The 2 pyramid shaped pieces are also from the 1/96 Apollo: Eagle & Columbia kit. Part #30 and 31.

Also, the shallow dome at the 12-1 o'clock position from Main Mission tower, looks to be too small to come from the Gemini kit. Could it be the heat sheild from the same Apollo: Eagle & Columbia kit?


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Captain Sci-Fi

Building a new Alpha....

Hi Ken,

They used a contact adhesive on the original model and it's held up for over 35 years.

There are some good brands used by carpet fitters available in spray can formula's that look easy to use. Here is what I know from a good examination of Alpha, the wood was band saw cut to rough shape, the 3 mm top layer was applied the the edges of both the wood and the acrylic sheet were sanded to shape, lastly the edge banding strip's were applied. On one building (No. 10 if I remember correctly) a slot was cut and a hole cut for part of the Gemini Capsule body to fit in and form a "well". Plasticard cladding panels were then applied along with the few other kit parts used and lastly letra line tapes and all those vinyl stickers. After painting the Scotch Lite windows effect tiles were added.

I am producing a blueprint lofted directly off the original model, follow the link in my tag to the Captain's Store to order the first part, The next part will be ready to go next week.

Good luck with the build, please take lots of work in progress photos and publish them here as we love to follow along. :D


If you need any help let me know


Some more kit spotting on the Alpha studio model, but this is for all the travel tube terminals, which sadly no longer exist. I used reference material like the old ITC fold-out 'brochure' thingy, with its gigantic overhead pic of Alpha, as well as high-def frame grabs from The Catacombs. But it all started with a post from shornak in the Space:1999 Blu-Ray Frame Analysis thread...
Never noticed all this detail since viewing these Blu Ray Images. Look at the round doom building at the end of the travel tube. You can see detail in it I haven't seen before.
I responded some time later...
Maybe it's the model builder/kit spotter in me, but I have noticed--before BluRay--some of the details being pointed out, like that travel tube terminal... I don't recall, though, if I caught these details purely by watching my Region 1 DVD, or if I noticed it on some publicity material or old magazine photos. But now there's enough detail present that I can make a tentative parts ID: 1/24 Gemini ring (that the nose cone attaches to) topped of with a 1/96 Apollo heat shield. Anybody have any other guesses? (By the way, I think that's the terminal that disappears for Season Two, with the travel tube just ending with no terminal.)
There's another travel tube terminal (on the opposite side of the base, I think) that looks like part of an Apollo LM.

Anyway, your point is well taken: the new format allows for lots of things to get noticed now. Fun, isn't it? :)
Scatta confirmed later, with photos as evidence, that that terminal is indeed the one that is missing in Season Two. I then followed up on my hunch about the Apollo LM terminal...
Found it, in most of the Alpha shots in "Breakaway." It looks like the descent stage of the Apollo LM with extra LM bits on top. Here it can be seen between the dome-shaped terminal at left and the launch pad at right:
Here's another view, deirectly below Earth & the Main Mission tower:
Here's the best one for details, in the lower left of the photo:
I later followed up with a little more info about the first "doom" terminal (I know, shornak meant "dome"), after doing some construction work...
Wow, I'm quoting myself now... weird. :wtf:
Anyhoo, I've confirmed those are the parts used for that terminal, by using the same parts from my spares collection to build one myself. Simple, but effective!
By the way, that HD screen grab is detailed enough that it even shows which way the Gemini parts are oriented, so I can attach a travel tube if I want. This identification, by the way, should come in handy for anyone replicating Alpha in studio scale.
I then went off on a little tangent for those wishing to build a replica in half-studio-scale:
CR said:
If you're going half studio scale, a 1/48 Gemini part could be topped by a 1/200 scale Apollo heat shield; it doesn't have the overhang like the larger version, but will just cover the Gemini parts... I don't think there's a 1/192 scale Apollo heat shield, unfortunately.
Finally, I decided to go for broke and figure out the rest of the travel tube terminals...
Ah, back to that Apollo LM descent stage travel tube terminal for a sec...I forgot to mention that this would be a 1/96 scale LM, likely the Revell one. (Aoshima had also released a similar one in 1969, but I'm guessing the SFX gang had better/more access to Revell kits in their shop.)
Interestingly, in that last pic I linked to in the above quote, there's yet another type of terminal, this one appearing between the LM one and the launch pad at right... it's made from half of a 1/144 scale LM that came from the Airfix Saturn V. Another similar one appears on the other side of the base (likely the other half of the 1/144 LM), on the opposite side of the long-ish building near the travel tube terminal that started my obsession with--er, I mean my discussion about--these terminals in the first place.

Finally (really? at last? you really mean it this time?), the dome-shaped terminals (half-spheres) seem to be made from the Airfix 1/144 Saturn V as well; they're the fuel tank top from the third stage portion of the kit. Similarly, the cone-shaped terminals (well, half-cone, lying on their sides) are the LM shrouds (half of them) from the same kit, with flat sheet styrene (or Perspex?) covering the ends.

There. I think I've ID'ed all of the various travel tube terminals now. These high-def frame grabs, coupled with the old fold-out 'brochure' I mentioned earlier, helped me figure all of this out. I wonder what other discoveries await us all...
Oh, just as a further point of clarification on one of those half-1/144 scale LMs from the Airfix Saturn V, the first one I referred to appears in roughly the 5 o'clock position in that pic of Brian Johnson standing in front of the Alpha model; it's between Johnson and the launch pad on the photo's right side, below the Meta Probe model.

I had fun sleuthing over this stuff. I hope it comes in handy for all of you! :)
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Has anyone taken a crack at determining the scale of the Studio Scale model. I know the launch pads would have been good to use as you could scale an Eagle to them and compare to reference info. Any thoughts? DX?

Keith Young


Has anyone taken a crack at determining the scale of the Studio Scale model. I know the launch pads would have been good to use as you could scale an Eagle to them and compare to reference info. Any thoughts? DX?

That's how I based my original drawing of the moobase.