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Moonbase population

At 311 personal and dropping, and resources won’t allow many newborns, there seams to be massive unused space on the base. Each building would average 12 people roaming the halls. That is quite a desolate place to live and work. So, what could be the maximum number of staff before the breakaway?
In the Powys books universe, they go out of their way to increase the population count of Alpha by evacuating a hitherto-unmentioned Moonbase Beta, which apparently was more of a mining operation than the science-based Alpha (no pun intended). This bumps up the population count and also accounts for characters like Sanderson in S2's The Seance Spectre who seems to have no respect for or true recognition of Koenig's command.

I think it makes a lot of sense to do that - in the original show, there are a lot of numbers that seem off. The dating (1999) seemed way to close in the future to me, even as a child, to have the technological advancements seen in the shows and 311 seemed understaffed given that Alpha's supposed to be about two-and-a-half miles wide and ten levels deep. Surely you'd need a staff of about a hundred just to maintain and garage the Eagle fleet and launch pads, let alone work in hydroponics to feed everyone?