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Moonbase Uniforms...supplier found!

Ham Salad

I have 4 Alpha uniforms of my own already, but I stumbled across one of those Chinese costume tailor on the web sites and they wierdy offered a moonabse uniform.

So, I decided to see how good they did it. The only one they advertised was the 2nd season koenig uniform with the orange jacket. Also, just by looking at their photos I could see they had some details off: no arm and leg zippers. So, before ordering I negotiated with them to correct these details, and they were willing. It arrived today, and it's a really good deal for (as I remember) $120 US.

The fabric is twill throughout, which means it's not made of a stretch Knit like the originals...still, the fabric is th right color and drapes well. The belt provided is inaccurate and useless, but I know of an etsy maker who does the 2nd season belts and stun gun holsters...

So, if anybody is interested , I'll post photos, and possibly get a discount to do a group order: I already discussed with them the idea of doing them in different sleeve/ jacket colors for the other characters/ divisions, they are willing.

I could also talk to them about the first season uniforms...although I can see this one could be converted simply by taking out the chest stitching and removing the collar and resewing the edge....

Ham Salad

Hi. Whats the companies name please ? Thankyou

It's called cosplay FU, beleive it or not.

Here's their e-mail address, ask them to order it with the leg and arm zippers like mine.

They also said they can make the Jacket in other colors, if you want that.

Also it's Chinese sizes, so order it about 2 sizes larger if you order their standard sizes.

Carmen Li <>
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