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More Daleks than sense?


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I was happily out and about hunting stock for the hobby shack, and you know one thing leads to another and i end up owning 10 Lifesize Daleks

As you can see they are all in need of restoration , some more than others ,but after discussing with various people in the know they are all very accurate so should be amazing once restored

Unfortunately the size of the challenge soon became clear so a couple will have to be moved onto new homes so I can focus (with the help of some very capable assistants) on restoring the others

But i also need your guys help, Im trying to learn more about their history, apparently they came from the estate of someone who ran a B&B / hotel wither in or around swindon or London, a collection like this (there were actually 15+ daleks in total) may ring bells with someone here, if you think you have any information please pm me to discuss



PS let me know if you would like to see more pics of these


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Restoring all 10 was clearly a step too big, so I am selling a couple of these to fund the work on the others, if anyone is looking to buy a restoration project please get in touch

No fender kickers....... hehe


Well I'm not that far from Bristol if you would like me to come over and lend hand in cleaning them up in return for a beer or two. :)

Slate Mcleod

Everything looks a bit "slap-dash" on some of those Daleks, maybe Joe Nagle from Liverpool's work? I know he's done a Dalek Supreme and a Remembrance white and gold and an NSD etc Something could be done by mixing and matching some of the better parts maybe and having a total repaint ?


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Well I'm not that far from Bristol if you would like me to come over and lend hand in cleaning them up in return for a beer or two. :)

Hi Mate,

I'm currently sorting a warehouse move, but once im all sorted and settled i may be in touch hehe