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more star wars scratch built weapons


Hi every one,
enjoying the change from build space craft and have just completed these weapons, let me know what you think and let me know of any ideas for future builds anything at all for a change rather than a space craft.
every one keep safe
regards Barrie ( the old guy who needs new ideas for builds )


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Very nice. I've built a few DH-17s over the past few years. First a fleet trooper version to prove that I could, then I built another to correct one slight error to be used with my RFT costume with the Rebel Legion. Then I built a Scariff version for my Scariff marine costume and most recently the Hoth version for my Hoth trooper costume.
The prototype is now signed by Christopher Patrick Nolan, the actor who played the RFT who yells "Launch!" in Rogue One.
The Hoth rifle (based on the Stg44) makes for a good challenge.


YERY NICE work Stephen.
I had no idea what the weapon was based on but when you see the two together it is clear for all to see, I have also completed another couple of weapons maybe you can tell me which real guns they were based on then I can get even more detail into future builds, do you have any good blue prints or third angle drawings with sizes of the weapons used in the star wars films as I would like to have a go at a few more models.
I like the weathering I just wish that I was good at painting ( i build loads but not much good at painting )
take care and keep safe distance

regards Barrie ( the old guy in need of help )


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The new double barrelled Imperial blaster rifle is another weapon based on the venerable Sterling sub-machine gun. Mary-Sue Palpatine's blaster isn't based off a particular weapon that I know of but the grips come from the same Mauser C96 used for Han Solo's DL-44. Boba Fett's EE-3 is a Webley flare pistol with the add-on stock.
In your first post obviously you have the DH-17 that was based off the Sterling, although if you do the RFT version watch out for the grip position. Those were cast rom some sort of model rather than converted from actual guns and the grip is in a different place to later versions like the one you have done. The New Republic rifle is based on a H&K G36 and the Endor rifle on an M16/AR15.
I can't really help out with blueprints for most blasters but I've put a set of instructions for building the RFT version of the DH-17, along with hints for some of the other variants on my website. This includes a full parts list and dimensioned templates. There's also a half hour tutorial video on YouTube:

Also you may be interested to know that when we aren't all being kept in lockdown I frequent a military surplus store in Bury, so not too far from you, where I sometimes buy weapon parts that can be used for replica prop guns (legal ones obviously - such as the top cover from an AK-47 that I used to make the plasma rifle from the first Terminator film) and the owner and other regulars are sci-fi fans so they also have some knowledge of what weapons and other items were used for various props in a whole host of movies.


Thanks very much for all your help Stephen, looks like I am going to be busy over the next few months, I have been asked by a gentleman named Jason Joiner about doing a commission build ( a six foot long Sulaco from aliens ) for a sci fi museum which is supposed to be opening in Milton Keynes sometime this year have you heard anything about the museum ?. I have replied to his e mail but that was over a week ago and have heard nothing since it may just be some one day dreaming I have no idea.
once again thanks for the help and attachment ....keep safe distance

regards Barrie ( the old guy in lock down )