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Motion Picture Refit Enterprise 1/350th


And that's this one done!
33 page build log:

Site gallery with 67 pics and a video:

And a selection of reduced res thread pics for those who don't want to trawl through that lot :)

5 colour paintwork with pearlescent lacquers, DIY dry rubdown decals, more LEDs than is probably considered sane and way more time than it should have taken to get it done.

All good fun in a masochistic kinda way.

Steve Gerard

Extremely well done work on this TMP 1701-Refit model. :thumbup: :clap: :cheers:
It is one of my favorite science-fiction spaceships ever since I first saw her on the theater screen on December 7th 1979 as a boy.


Thanks Steve!
Likewise with the design, she's been a fave of mine since those long ago times of the late 70's and a more than worthy successor/upgrade to the TOS Connie design.
Very well done!
This is so beautiful on two levels- the meticulous reproduction of the subtle paint scheme and the recreation of the hull lighting
Love the lighted Workbees!
What to the switches control?


Thanks Crimson! Aye, she's a pretty lass and no mistake. Fought me all the way to the finish but worth it in the end.

Thanks Richard!
It's the lighting that does it on a Refit, only my personal opinion and others may differ of course but she just doesn't look her best without it.

The switches control all the lighting, it was requested that the lights be on independent circuits so who was I to argue...though sometimes I wished I had once or twice ;)

Well the client picked her up yesterday and left a happy chappie so it's a win/win all round :D

Thanks again all.


Well i'll be totally honest with you here Richard, it's not sad for me as it means it's another job done, out the way, got paid and a happy client.

That's the deal in doing this for others.
Again i'll be honest when I say that as soon as it's finished and posted to my site, then delivered or sold as the case may be my interest in whatever it is, is done. That goes for both commission and personal works which is why I have nothing here in the way of finished models.

I'm just a builder of many a weird thing, not a collector or much of a fan I'm afraid.

Odd to some I know but that's just me :D