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Does anyone know who played Mr.Hyde in Journey To Where? I used to think it was William Gaunt,but after unlimited access to his features since 1976(when I first saw the episode)On ITV 4 in The Champions,I now know it ain't him at all. Can anybody help as it isn't listed on the IMDB...?

ps.The Wife can't stand Mr.Gaunt's Champions credits(He does look a bit gormless doesn't he..?)



Per The Catacombs, it was an actor by the name of Robert Davies.


The Catacombs Mr Hyde Robert Davies

Believe it or not, this Robert Davies was my uncle, sadly passed away 16 years ago. I only had a vague recollection of him being in space 1999 as I used enjoy watching it when I was younger and was amazed to see him on this site and then again in a clip on Youtube. He was born in liverpool (lost his accent completely). I can remember seeing him in Aladdin on stage in the Liverpool Empire Theatre when I was very young. He lived most of his life in London until he was unable to continue independantly due to having multiple sclerosis and he returned to a care home in Liverpool. Much more I could say but his was only a small part in what was a great programme.

Captain Sci-Fi

Feel free to tell us as much as you like. I love to read stories and anecdotes from people in the entertainment professions. Liverpool was and still is a hot bed for breeding talent, comedians, musicians, actors and writers.

Did your uncle ever tell you anything about working on the show? How did he get a part? Anyone he knew or dealt with would be interesting..... :D


Mr Hyde?

Bearing in mind I was only 11 when the series started and the small part he played it was probably only mentioned in passing. He did stage work, sang at Glyndebourne and did small parts in other films. I can remember him mentioning the BBC. I visited London to see him in my early teens and can recall being taken to the theatre each time. Was amazed to see Doyle (The Professionals) on stage singing! Due to the MS he was gradually more limited in what he could do and must have, at some point rented rooms where he used to live, off the Kilburn High Road. By the time he moved to Liverpool the MS was quite advanced but the thought he was lucky to have done what he did when able.