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Mr. Martin Bower Glider Commission

I bought a commission from Martin several years ago to build me the Glider.

First, he's an incredible gentleman and an incredible model builder.

He has built so many sci-fi models for so many shows and has
often helped members on this site with their builds either by providing advice, pics or parts.

The landing gear is made of brass and the landing gear flaps possibly tin.

Enjoy this wonderful work by Martin.



You'll Believe A Glider Can Fly...

No kidding - simply gorgeous!!


(question: hard to tell from photos, but does cockpit include only one pilot-figure or two?)
Simply beautiful.

Thanks for letting us see this marvellous creation up close, and for the opportunity to see the great man's handiwork. Considering the glider only appeared in one episode and therefore, I suppose, could hardly be considered a hero ship, it is nevertheless yet another iconic 1999 design - we're unlikely to see anything else like it elsewhere.

Kindest regards