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My 22" Eagle Kit


For over a year this kit has sat on a shelf so I finally decided to get started.
I won't bore you with too much build so this will be a short post, hopefully.
I don't as a rule do plastic kits as I'm not very good with small fiddly bits but I have to say this kit went together quite well. I did go cross eyed at one point when I was working on the engine pipe work cage.
With the front and rear cages I did dirty them up a bit before covering them in the rest of the pipes.
I have no intention of painting this model as its going to be straight out of the box except for the engines and one or two other parts.
I used masking tape and grips to hold parts together while drying.
This build can be built in sections and then fitted together which makes it an easy project. Once completed I added some decals, whether they are the correct ones I don't know as I know nothing about the eagles. When I looked at the various versions of this ship there were differences.
As I wasn't painting this kit I used a reduced photo of the interior cockpit cut to size and glued in, I have not used the figures as I always think they sit too close to the windows.
I only spent a few days on this and to be honest it shows in areas. I prefer scratch building either models or full size but this kit was the only way to get a decent sized model of an eagle.
I used to have the 22" Product Enterprise Eagle which I loved but had to sell. I did make a base with lights for it which I'll use for this model.
If Round 2 bring out a laboratory eagle then I might buy that.


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Here are some finished photos. It doesn't look too bad especially if you shut both eyes.
You can see the base I made for my PE eagle sometime ago, the lights are battery led's.


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Speedy Gonzales right enough

Hi Malcolm, I think that looks good. Nothing wrong with just building out of the box - we all agonise about adding bits in, changing things round or what wash to use, so I'd imagine it must be quite liberating to hammer through a build like this. Nice Launch pad, too.....

Kindest regards


Slate Mcleod

Looks great Malcolm ! I love the base as well! I'm on to my third at the moment!



Hi folks
Many thanks for the comments.
It is a great kit and easy to put together even though there are 300 parts.
I would like a laboratory eagle to compliment this one so hopefully Round 2 will release one some time.


Hi Joeb

Thanks for the comments but I have to say Slate's Eagles are fantastic and put mine to shame.
And Slate I'm very impressed with your set ups, they really show off your skills.


Nice builds and pics, thanks for sharing. Like badsimmonds "before" mine is still in the box! I will get to it :D

George Loo

I really like to simulate rockets with my son. I think this is a good idea for children, it develops the fine motor skills of the hands


Forum Supporter
Nice work all round, lm scratch building some x4 pod thrust boosters at the moment, complete reimagining for the 22***8221;.