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My 3D printed 44 inch eagle


Here is my newly completed 44" eagle. Constructed from PLA and Resin with aluminum tube for the landing gear and brass tube for the long horizontals in the spine.
Except for the nose cone (downloaded & modified) it was all designed in Tinkercad. The parts were printed on a Prusa Mk3S, an Ender 3 V2, A Creality LD-002H and an Elegoo Saturn. Design and construction took six months.
I took a number of liberties with the details, adding and improving areas where I thought the original model was lacking. The extra nozzle on the shoulder pod thrusters corrects something that always bugged me about the eagle. As designed, there were no thrusters to provide yaw movement. I also took a number of design cues from the fantastic Eagle of Ian Lawrence; I'm a big fan of his work.


Here's a family photo of my fleet, including the MPC 1/48th, MPC 1/72nd and a 3D printed 1/144th-ish