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My 44" 1/24 Spine Booster scratch build

The good news is today I finished the 3rd Large side cylinder. This time, I cut 2 of each piece as I went along.

It's actually the LEFT rear (disregard the word's LEFT) :oops:

I counted 22 panels (so roughly 90 or so in total). Tomorrow...the last cylinder to put panels on ....yay

Also, for the brass, it looks like a solid brass rod. I'm not sure the exact size but I'm going with 4mm. I find anything less is too small and 6mm too big.

The weekend was successful.

I completed paneling the last large cylinder and all 4 are done now. As well, I glued some bits on the Main bodies. I used the last of the primer I had on the first 2 cylinders so I'll have to make a trip (more than likely next Saturday) and buy some more along with some white paint. I'm also waiting for the 3/8 Plastuct tube to arrive so there's only a few bits and some sanding I can do in the meantime.

This is one build I'd sure do again. It's definitely much easier now having plans, precision cut styrene and bits. It's pretty easy if you can take a side profile pic and enlarge it
to the size of the 1:1 scale plans and figure out centre and from that you can easily figure where the parts go.

For the panels I used a side, top and bottom profile pics.

I know there's only a half dozen builds out there so I hope this will help others that are interested in build one too.

Successful indeed.....

Just gets better and better, Richard - a good eye, a steady hand, a sharp blade and plenty of patience will always win through. Imagine what it'll look like when it's all painted white! Keep on keeping on......

Kindest regards

Thanks Julian,

I received the Plastruct 90608 3/8th tube in the mail yesterday. I believe, this is the tube size used to separate the 2 halves of the main body
as well as the tube that joins the 2 large size cylinders. I tried butting the tube on the end of the cylinder and I found it
to noticeable (putting a flat end on a round), so I may not add the centre tube. Still debating.

The TUBE is what keeps the 2 halves together. Without it, there would be no strength. As I did with the struts, I drilled
into the main bodies and the tube runs into both body halves.

In my pic, you can see the strut running up inside. I've also glued on all the bits and now it's just a matter of pre painting it in
various disassembled section before putting it finally together and final painting. I LOVE THIS BUILD

Things have been put on hold a bit for two reasons:

Time for a little update on this.

1. Julian Harding has produced a new styrene set which now includes 4 holes in the main body tanks to make it easier to align, square and plumb the tubes.
I twisted a round metal object in the holes just a bit as the fit was pretty snug at first but it fit like a charm. Once the tubes were in place, I filled them with resin, sanded...woot. Many thanks to Julian:thumbup: styrene_zpstdojpuo2.jpg

2. I had the 4 large side paneled cylinder tanks molded by a friend. I intend to cast a limited run of these. This is what they look like. You will still need to buy Plastruct parts and I highly
recommend buying Colin's (SMT) kit part kits.

With Julian's precision cut styrene, Colin's Kit parts, the 4 cast paneled cylinders and EMA parts, a 44" Spine Booster will be much easier to build.

Lastly, today I received notice from Mike Reader that he's working on the Spine Booster Bells. These are season 2 type bells, with the ends extended a bit. Contact him if you need bells for your Spine Booster.

I finally received my replacement Plastruct/EMA parts to put back on my tanks. They had to be removed to mould the tanks.

Just a note, I found it easier to glue the valve to the saddle first and then glue the saddle onto the tank. That way both parts will lay flat against the main body.

Also note, the saddles have a front which has a frame and a back which has nothing. The Frame side should be facing forward/backwards (outwards) when you look at the model.

I don't think I can glue the tanks on yet without painting and we've had 3 snow storms last week with another scheduled for Monday. I wish I had a place to spray paint in winter!
Just working on a few little things I can do while waiting on the weather to paint....which might just be another few months after the last few snow storms we've had

I cut 1/8 styrene to fit and glued on as an inside boarder on the German Gunboat part so that it can glue to the underside of the Spine Booster. Otherwise, the edge is too thin
to adhere.

Nearing the end, not much to do now. Decals on and some light gray detailing (hard to see it in the bright sun).

Still to do, paint the red/mauve rear and bottom bells and the brass. Out of propane atm :think: