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My 44" (Lee Malone) Cargo pod

Hi Richard, you're a well-informed gentleman, so could I trouble you for a couple of measurements please? Inspired by your own wonderful Nuclear Waste Cargo Pallet Pod, I'm starting to gather information for my own once The Big Girl is completed. On the Cargo Pod, there are two different diameters of tubular struts. My guess is that the diameter of the thicker of the two is around 9mm, with the thinner of the two being around 6mm. Any information you can offer will be much appreciated,

Kindest regards


Not sure why I didn't see this or get an email notice ??? :think:
I will get this info to you tonight.

Speaking of this, I picked up my Cargo Pod and snapped one of the smaller resin tubular struts. I had bought rass tubes as I was planning on replacing the resin with brass later but I guess that will be move up my list of priorities to be done after my Spine Booster. I can solder the brass inside. A nice winter job.
But you've answered me already!!

No no no no no no Richard, you've not missed my request, you sent me a reply at the start of September!!

Looking at the photographs, it looks like the "upside-down V" struts at either end of the pallet are the same diameter as the struts which make up the "mattress frame" attached to the underside of the pallet - in my very basic world, that's 6mm diameter rod. Enough to be going on with.

Will need to give this much thought, because the two end frames have to be attached very securely to the flatbed. I'll get there somehow....

Once again, thanks Richard, panic over....

Kindest regards

Oh..your are correct. Monday morning I guess (well, it's actually Tuesday but yesterday was a holiday).

Quite concur with you, it has to be strong (hence brass over resin) and securly attached to the flatbed. It's okay if it just sits there looking pretty on the shelf but if you go picking it up and handling, I'm afraid in resin there's good possiblity that it can break.

I'm as well thinking (but not too much atm as I have the Spine Booster in my head) how to affix those tubular to the Cargo... maybe devise something with my wife's coathanger.

Any other ideas are most welcome :)