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My 44" (Lee Malone Eagle) build

As promised, I'm beginning my build thread now that I've received the parts from Lee.

For this Eagle build, I opt for Lee's resin cages and with his brass spine.

Here's pics of the boxes of stuff I received. Just overwhelming. The cast are clean, crisp and air bubble free.
Sorry, tabbing to and from photobucket....and don't want my ETF session to time out.

Okay, so the contents of box one,
4 Gemini Pilots
4 CM halves, 2 rear walls
4 LPs (with greebies)
4 Walkways (with greebies)
8 Shelves (with greebies)
a bunch of greebies for walkways and shelves

and on box number 2 coming up with pics:

Brass Spine
CM to frame connectors
resin cages/frames
4 more LPs (with greebies)
8 x Landing pads for LPs
8 x Landing feet for PPs
engine components
3x Passenger Pods (one is for Commissioner Simmonds VIP Eagle)


I have to say I am jealous, in fact I'm jealous x2

I must get one, but wondering if customs will slap on a huge fee this end

looking forward to the build up



i think im going click happy :twisted:, and really looking forward to more updates, someday i would like to join the 44" builders club myself.

I always use epoxy glue when working with resin, but I came across this glue from SMOOTH-ON called METALCSET A4. I highly recommend this epoxy.

There's 2 things I did to the CM. Personal choice.
1. I cut out the window frames (be very careful if you do this to avoid damage to CM)
2. I filled in the hole in the back wall. (not necessary, but I did it anyway)

cutting the window frames out:

inserting styrene bottom of windows:

using tape to protect:

After the windows frames are cut out, I added styrene in lower windows and acrylic in top windows. Ready to glue the 2 halves together. I also put in the 2 aluminum sensors to keep everything aligned:

Lots of tape :
No update yet. A slight of a delay as
- I started a new job
- I'm waiting on a few small parts to arrive
- I ran out of tamiya tape and need some paint too

But I've been tinkering with the engines, fitting some thrusters, working on the walkways and the resin cages.
Sorry for the slow updates.....but here's a few pics of how things have been going
First, a big thank you to Lee Malone. I received all his parts and they're the best I've seen.

All the parts are great but I especially like the passenger pod and the landing feet. He made them out of acrylic (not the pad but the frame on the pad)

okay, here's my messy workshop - there's going to be 1 complete brass and full alum set Eagle. One of Lee's Eagle with brass spine, resin cages and alum infused the way, those bells are awesome....I'll post a pic tomorrow.

The grill is just sitting on top (it's not in position or glued and I see some crud in the grill - but it's just to show how NICE it looks)

This is Lee's pad and acrylic frame. Very nice.

Here I'm using acrylic glue and a syringe to get the glue in the corners.

That's it for now.
As promised, here's a pic of the bells.
The 2 on the left are Lee Malone's alum infused resin bells and the 2 on the right are Mike Readers aluminum bells. The alum infused are straight out of the box and I haven't buffed them up with rub n buff (haven't made it to Michaels art store yet).

As I have one Eagle that is all brass spine and cages, I will use aluminum bells on that one.

The other Eagle is brass spine but resin cages. I highly don't recommend putting alum bells and a resin cage as it will bend/warp as they are TOO heavy.
After posting, I weighed the bells and they come in at:
resin : 2.2 oz (x4 = 8.8 oz)
alum : 5.8 oz (x4 = 23.2 oz that nearly 3 times as heavy)

You really don't want a pound and a half of alum on a resin crucifix:wtf:
Last night I worked on the Landing/Side pods.

The first thing I did was to enlarge the opening in the prong with my xacto knife so the
1/4 inch x 3/4 inch aluminum bar fits in easily. On the studio original, the prongs were made of wood. I already had 4 polycarbonate bars cut to size from a previous build but I decided the aluminum bar embedded in the military strength Metalset A4 epoxy by Smooth-on will be more than strong enough. Which also means I don't have to cut the existing prongs out.

The next pic was taken today after the Metalset A4 epoxy sat overnight. I have filled the prong embedding the aluminum bar and also placed some glue on either side of the inside of the LP.

Today, I did a quick sand and applied another thin layer of the epoxy glue to fill in the spaces I missed last night. I need to devise a suspension system before I close these up for good.
Well, I could not find rubb'n'buff at Michaels to shine my bells :cry: - so still looking around if they even sell it around here. But, Lee's bells look great not even shinned yet :thumbup:

Tonight, I test fitted them on the resin engine frame and was very happy with the result. Not so happy with the bolt that I embedded inside the engine tank as not all are exactly perpendicular which in moves a few bells a bit off centre but I'll adjust that in final assembly.