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My 44" (Lee Malone Eagle) build

Captain Sci-Fi

Hi Richard,

I found your post under Happy Labour Day, is this correct?

I posted your domes a few days ago, shouldn't be long till you get them.

Your build is looking great, keep posting it is inspirational. :D
Bernie, can you change the Title from: 44" Eagle by Lee Malone build
to : My 44" (Lee Manlone Eagle) build.

If I search ALL my threads posted I can find the Happy Labour Day thread but not this one. Possibly I'm tired or I don't see it....but can anyone find it by searching?

Thanks for the comments and update on the parts :thumbup:
It's been pretty crazy since I started my new job in July. Since then there has been lots of 'other' jobs, store 4 cords of wood for the winter, install a new patio door and window....

But I try to do a little something on my Eagles when I can. I used a 2mm drill bit which fits the coat hanger perfectly. That's how I'm pinning the engine pipes. I had to redo my engine tanks as the first time I ordered EMA disc they were rounded disc and after build the 2 sides I didn't like them and took them apart and replaced them with the disc from Capt Sci/Captain's Store.

I just recently received new disc from Lee that includes a ring but I'll have to install them a bit differently. Even though I'm using resin bells, I've found that once you add the engine TANKs and engine BOTTLEs, the rear becomes heavy and I hope it doesn't twist or bend in the future.
ATM, I'm using 4 screws/bolts in each corner of the resin engine frame which screw into the rear cage (where I've embedded the nuts) so that it can be removable.... but I just may have to glue the engine frame and rear cage together. Here's a few pics, I just had to pop my rear of the Eagle onto the's like a glove.


Captain Sci-Fi

Bernie, can you change the Title from: 44" Eagle by Lee Malone build
to : My 44" (Lee Manlone Eagle) build.

If I search ALL my threads posted I can find the Happy Labour Day thread but not this one. Possibly I'm tired or I don't see it....but can anyone find it by searching?

Thanks for the comments and update on the parts :thumbup:

Hi Rick,

Sorry I missed this request, done now :D
Thanks Bernie,
That should resolve some confusion as to who is building these two 44" Eagles.

For some reason, it still doesn't come up when I search by threads by me???

Also, thanks for the disc/spheres for my engine tanks. I think the disc/sphere is my preferred way of building then so I sent you off an email for 4 more disc.
Hang about....that's great!

Richard, a man after my own heart. Coat hanger wire - that's just great! the photographs are spot-on, and the quality of workmanship looks absolutely wonderful. I used sprue for my spheres - the rounded corners were ideal for the job, and I ended up gluing two such rounded corners together to mak a longer straight with two curves which were identical to each other. I was really pleased with the result.

Anyway, hope you get a wee bit more time to spend on your Eagle in the near future, as real life can often get in the way (I find I watch very litte TV these days!), and I look forward to seeing more top-class photos.

Kindest regards

Another little update,

I finally got my PP legs functional. I had to do some tweaking with some of Stingrays and Lees parts. I used Stingray48442 white metal piece. It was too short originally but he made them longer for me by putting 2 of the white metal parts together (and removing one of the eyes from the second piece). Unfortunately, in the end, the rod ended up too short as the PP scissors are longer than the LP scissors and I had to replace them with a longer rod. I cut some of Lees parts and added to the new rod. Now to cast the new rod...12 times.

The scissors work but to keep them extended (in full open mode), I drilled a whole and insert a screw.


Captain Sci-Fi

Nice work as usual there Richard.

I like the forward planning in the locking mech in case you ever want to drop the Passenger Module. Tips like this are invaluable, thanks for sharing. :D
Received my silicone and resin yesterday so right at it. I have 3 passenger pods so I need 12 legs. I can't wait to get these on my passenger pod in the extended position.

The cast are coming out nice, the odd little air bubble.

Just a baffle update :)

Since I'm building 2 Eagles (and 3 passenger pods), I'm pretty well making them the same with the parts interchangeable.

I have my bells made so they are removable as they're on a bolt imbedded into the engine tank.

To have the baffles removable, I had to extend the Saturn part about 1/2" and drill a whole to fit on the bolt. Works fine - baffles now removable.

Ok, I cheated. I had a weak moment and this is what I did.

But really, I finished my (12 legs) 3 sets of landing gears for the Passenger Pods. As I have 12mil screws I had to cut them down, all 36 of them. I've inserted wood in the Passenger Pod to screw the bottom with new #4 brass screws. I did try the acrylic way with the 4BA nuts but after snapping 2 of my tapping bits - I gave up.

Lastly, I added bits to the walkways using coat hanger rods much like I did with the engine parts and pipes. I also will make these walkway bits removable should I ever need to remove the walkway(s) in the future.


Richard, there's a wealth of detail in your photographs and they're so useful in making progress with my own Eagle. Thanks for making life that wee bit easier - it all helps. I thought your detachable external components on the walkways was such a good idea, "just in case" (typical Lamer resourcefulness there) - I'm already thinking that when I get round to building the spine for my Eagle, some of the detailing on the walkway roofs might be slap bang in the way of the lower transverse spars.

Keep up the fine work and get that Eagle onto Launch Pad 1!

Kindest regards

Sorry for the long delays between post. It's been a battle with the cold weather, lots of snow, catching colds and finding the time.

I'm looking forward to warmer weather and summer to finish my painting and my builds.

In the previous posts I finished the retractable landing gear for all 3 pods and very satisfied with the way they turned out.

I add 3/4" sq wooden blocks instead of acrylic inside the PPs with #4 screws that hold on the floor of the PP.

My struggle between painting, using decals and even vinyl for the window/frames is over.

Finally, I decided to remove the existing windows and frame altogether.

Two more to do.

It was really difficult to cut out the windows as my PPs are now put together. I had intended on doing this prior to building them but my first attempt was given up as I was not satisfied with the result. My initial attempt was trying to remove it the e inside which didn't work as well as removing them from the outside.

I think it'll look better once completed and with black acrylic windows.


Just Looking In...

Let me add my kudos to those of others posted here...extraordinary close-ups, of an extraordinary build! :yes: Keep 'em coming... ;)
1 of the 3 PP's is coming along nicely. As the PPs were already built, it was a lot
of work to remove the windows (so, I recommend you remove the windows before putting them together).:thumbup:

I did puttying and sanding (mainly the 4 ends of the PP and the top) and I just finished my first coat of
primer which has shown me a few areas where I have to go over again.But, I'm happy with the result so far.

I cut out the black acrylic and taped it to the window frame and then tapped it to the inside
of the PP. I gotta say, I REALLY like the look of the black acrylic window. The reflection is unbeatable!!

A bit of sun today prompt me to get some painting done. Now I have 2 white Passenger Pods:thumbup:.

I also complete painting one of the 3 Passenger Pod floors.

I'll do the grey shades later on.