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My Airfix Eagle & Hawk.


I've finally managed to get some shots of my very old Airfix Eagle and Hawk models. The Eagle I went and scratch built the framework, detailed the engines and the landing gear. I have a second kit that I left original and just built it up OOB.

I never did like the enclosed cages of the original kit and one of my first versions I'd attempted to cut those out without much success. So this time I spent a lot of time cutting and joining rod styrene to make the cage frame work. All of this was done before I had the internet. I had no access to extra decals to complete the Eagle correctly. I decided that four logos on the pod would be better - but then the command beak looks naked!

Resources were very limited so I went with just a few photos I had. I think it was about 15 or so years ago I did the scratch build. The Hawks geee I'd hate to say but most likely I built those 25 years ago - ouch I feel old.

The now defunct Sci Fi Modeller helped a bit as well - Greg sent me an old pod he had as I'd managed to loose mine somewhere.

I never knew how inaccurate most of this kit was, especially the spine until I found this site as well as the PE Eagle - now I can see why it never quite looked right. I wound up building two versions of the Hawk. The white one as well as the orange one, which is still incorrect as it is supposed to have white around the windows. My memory let me down. These were also built with limited resources.

Partially Scratchbuilt Airfix Eagle

Another Angle

"We've lost Eagle 12"

The way the Hawk Should Have looked

Still looks OK like this - nice to see a bit of colour.



Agreed, very nice, Liberator.

I take it the photos are current? Love the compositions.
Can you tell us what went into the setup of the photos?


I've seen orange beaked Hawks done up both ways, with black window inserts and with white. I can't recall the story as to why they went with white, but I have a feeling it was to make them look more distinctive on a black and white TV set (which many households in the 1970s still had) and orange would look grayish anyway. So, change the color of the window inserts and the ship looks even more different from an Eagle as a result. I always prefer the black window inserts personally.

Both models turned out pretty well there. And you can always order a set of Moonbase Alpha badges now for your Airfix Eagle there to make the nose not look so "naked". The cage work you did looks very good!


The photo set up was fairly simple. I grabbed a large peice of board about 1.5m x .8m. I placed that on a stand I had in the shed.

I have a framed astromony photo which I clamped to the stand. I then placed some lumps of charcoal from my shed heater onto the board to be the base for some hills.

I then took some ash out of the wood heater and seived it through some flywire over the surface of the board and the charcoal lumps. I did this a number of times until I had a sufficiently thick layer of moon dust! (I think a fellow board member has done this as well) Then I just placed the models on the surface and took the shots with my Richo 3.0 MP digital camera - it has a brilliant macro function - can get as close as 1cm.

The flying Hawk was suspended from a wire coat hanger via the side booster (is there anything you cant do with a wire coathanger?). The coat hanger is bent over the picture frame for support.The shots been taken so you cant see that. The explosion is the result of me pilling up a heap of ash and then having my son blow through a peice of pipe into the dust. I took the shot as soon as I said to my son, blow. Again its out of the fram of the shot so you cant see it eihter. If anyone is interested in seeing the set up let me know and I'll set it up again on the W/E and take a few shots.

Thanks for all of your comments - may even motivate me to get my Liberator completed!


I think a lot of us would appreciate "behind the scenes" shots. I understand what you described, but sometimes, having the visuals to go with it helps those who might not get it. Besides, it could inspire others to try the same thing, following in your footsteps! :)